Bollywood Assassin's Creed Is Every Bit As Bizarre As You'd Expect

This is a couple of months old now, so apologies if you've seen it elsewhere, but it would be criminal not to post this Bollywood-ised Assassin's Creed movie trailer.

At the end it goes into some random dance number that has nothing to do with Assassin's Creed whatsoever but, to be perfectly honest, I'd be disappointed if it didn't.

Thanks NotTheGuyYouKill


    I don't know what you're going on about... This just looks like in-game footage from Brotherhood.

    Cant wait for the movie tie in game.

    Why do these Bollywood movies look to be from cameras from the 90s?

      Simple answer... They are usually very low budget. And Indian viewers don't give a damn about the special effects or production qualities. They are just happy watching a film that distracts them from the fact the sewer empties into the street.

    0:19 I'm on a horse.

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