Brendan Brewer, Video Game Reviewer

A while back we introduced you to Brendan Brewer, video game reviewer, the awesome comic by Cameron Davis. We loved Brendan so much we've decided to make him a regular feature at Kotaku. Starting from today, every Friday we'll have a new Brendan Brewer comic right here on Kotaku!

If you like Brendan Brewer, why not check out Cameron Davis' other comic, Presidog? Presidog is the president and also a dog.



    For some reason, i think i'm going to really enjoy Brendan's stay :)

    cod mw3 blue cover is it?:)

    Haha! Although it does strike me as strange that just the other day there was the article about the 'controversy' around the Uncharted 3 review, and all the fuss people were making because it wasn't a straightforward review. I take this comic as being more of a critique on the readers perception of reviewers (and what they sometimes expect of reviewers) rather than what reviewers actually do.

    Or am I overthinking things..?

    This brings back painful memories of Brink (not the actual game - which I enjoyed - but the way it was treated by reviewers)

    SunSkorpion, that's actually a pretty interesting take on it. Not the one I had in my head last night while I was drawing it, but it's given me something to think about anyway!

    Get your shit together Presidog!

    Can't wait to see if there will be a comic loosely based on the IGN/Dylan Cuthbert saga that recently happened!

    Also, just mentioning this above caused sadness that PixelJunk Sidescroller isn't yet available on the AU PSN! :(

    It's the seven out of ten that sells it for me.

    If it was any other webcomic I'd be a little annoyed, but damn, this is both hilarious and fitting.

    and like that Kotaku Australia looses my respect

      Don't let the door hit you on the arse ^_^


    Brendan Brewer is a shining beacon in a sea of otherwise mediocre web comics. Whilst not quite reaching the lofty heights of the works of Alex Ross or the Tim Sale/Jeph Loeb combination that was so effective during their Batman days, Brewer's wit is scathing - his pinpointing of the self serving grandstanding apparent in online reviews, like this one, is inspired.


      Also, stop being a pretentious ass.
      "It's funny because it's true"

        Meant for 'diminuendo'

    Nice, I really enjoyed the original article and this is looking awesome.

    I would love to see one person who has a website link who has commented on liking this garbage which isn't related to kotaku or, (MrBS's site is a dummy forum, check it out if you don't believe me) its obvious someone got payed off to show this filth.

    I am greatly questioning the journalistic integrity of Mark Serrels for this article

      Assuming you're serious, what profits are to be made from linking to his website or displaying his comic?

        Kotaku could of gotten a payout from the creator to talk up the site



          Go away troll.

            ... aww, now all our replies look weird on their own. :P

              wait, something just broke the replies o_O

                I bet Loops is around breaking Kotaku as per usual.

            Nice deflection Mark.

            Now where's my sack with the dollar sign on it?

      that's funny, guess I've spent the last 7 years of my life at fake forum, perhaps I should ask for it back!

        Now that would actually be pretty funny (if it were true), someone sitting at a fake forum for seven years talking to randomly generated people/comments:)

    by the way, nether of the people who posted their twitter account existed a month ago

    dodgy as hell

      ... what on earth are you talking about?

    Hey, I liked it, and just because you didn't doesn't mean Kotaku got moneyhatted. Gaz doesn't have any money anyway.

      I know I don't have any money. What of it?
      Oh, right. Not me. >_>

    Chill the f**k out. It's a bit of fun and unlike a lot of the shit that Kotaku US posts (not Mark) is actually relevant to games.

    Mark found something he likes. Relevant to his site and its his site and he is the editor of it to do as he pleases.

    It wasn't paid and i know that for a fact. Nor am i related to KAU or FWC.


    bad comic

      Like to see you do better. When people criticise people for artistic things they should try and do it themselves


        better, done by me[email protected]/6051704089/sizes/l/in/photostream/

          Great art! But not a comic. Still rad though.

            I do have comics, but I will admit the writing is weak, (lots of them are from high school before I started a degree in animation) would you still be interested in seeing some of them?

              Always - but remember, don't dish out what you can't take. :)

    Needs more Ricki-Lee.


    honestly how could you like it? calling the person who draws this an artist is insulting to someone with actual artistic skill and the jokes are not funny at all, what could you possibly like?

    (I do understand tastes are a inconstant thing but there is no quality anywhere in this work)

      Please elaborate as to why this shouldn't be classified as art as you are clearly all-knowing in this field.

      If I draw a stick figure, it is art. Not very good art, but art.

      If I deliberately put a simple black dot on a white canvas it is classified as art.

      By your logic South Park should be a complete failure.

        what is art is a philosophical debate you can got back and forth about, some people only count feats of technical artistic display art; XKCD would not necessarily come under this category. If we had a word for technical artwork that shows proficiency with a medium I think we would have an easier time differentiating between them

        also South park succeeds with its writing, the same reason why XKCD succeeds. for a comic or animation they are two halfs to the same coin.

        let me ask you something, would you consider a filled out tax form art? you put pen to paper. or would you consider the little logo for the mens room art

    diminuendo is the real life version of brendan brewer

      liken me to any other figure (even Hitler), but do not associate me with this filth

    I'm watching you

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