Brendan Brewer, Video Game Reviewer

A while back we introduced you to Brendan Brewer, video game reviewer, the awesome comic by Cameron Davis. We loved Brendan so much we've decided to make him a regular feature at Kotaku. Starting from today, every Friday we'll have a new Brendan Brewer comic right here on Kotaku!

If you like Brendan Brewer, why not check out Cameron Davis' other comic, Presidog? Presidog is the president and also a dog.


    After this got posted last week I was compelled to go through the entire archives at - though my interest was originally piqued because Brendan Brewer is the same name as a friend of mine who actually has a PhD in astrophysics. I know the name isn't particularly unusual or anything but I did a double take.

      Thanks for checking out the archives and more importantly, giving me a great idea to get people into the comic - I simply hack into everyone's FaceBook accounts, find the names of all their friends, and name all my characters after them!

      BRB off to patent that idea before Apple does.

    Brendan Brewer, making s*** f***ed up all over.

    Brendan Brewer defence force represent!

    ... wait a second.

    Art! I call it "Cyclops Polar Bear caught in a Blizzard"



      "Cyclops Polar Bear caught in a Blizzard" represents the dumbing down of our cultural production; it its elegant simplicity, it reminds us all of the myriad wasted efforts put into creating greater and flashier graphical elements when in the end it is truly in composition and context in which meaning can be found.


    I was going to trash Diminuendo's posts because to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what he is talking about and he's derailing a perfectly interesting and funny post for God knows what reason.

    Then I noticed that it messed with the comments, so I'm leaving them in.

    But… these pointless trolling comments are a perfect example of why we always had an approve comments system at Kotaku. To keep conversation sensible and keep the idiots out. I hope this sort of thing isn't what we're going to become. We're better than that.

    Be respectful. Thinking that Kotaku had a payout to show a comic is completely ridiculous. We got an awesome response to the last Brendan Brewer post so I thought it might be interesting to do it on a weekly basis. From the comments it's clear that most people here agree.

    So keep it civil. Come on people!

      does it make me a troll to dislike his stuff?

        -It makes you a troll to suggest that we've taken money to post this when we haven't.

        -It makes you a troll to start going through other forums and posting them here saying 'I'm watching you'. Actually that just makes you creepy.

        - It makes you a troll to be disparaging instead of constructive.

        We had another person simply say 'bad comic'. Fine. But what you did completely crossed the line. I'm politely asking you to stop and think twice about what you post.


          I never posted the "I'm watching you" thing, I instantly made a post saying that wasn't me and changed my screen name immediately, you could probably tell that if you checked out the IP addresses

          everything else = fair enough, I'll admit to that

            Cool on both counts. Just reign in it a bit mate! Everyone's nice here :)

        no suggesting kotaku got a payout, calling the comics filth and suggesting there is a twitter conspiracy = troll

    I wish I got paid to say I like webcomics in the comment section...

    Seriously though this did make me chuckle.

    Thanks Mark, you concerns had been fast becoming mine.
    I jope you realise how mych your contributions and they way you present yourself in the comments is very well liked.
    Back on topic: I like these comics, not legendary but relevant to Kotaku and a quick, easy, enjoyable, read (the point of this site and comics too funnily enough).


    I know a few non-reviewer people like this too who have the same attitude toward *everything*. Also, I would not be averse to seeing this as a regular thing. A funny kind of irony to see a satire on game reviewing on a site that regularly does game reviews.

    Haha, 7 out of 10. Seems like fun.

    Cool idea - reminds me of having game comics in the back of Sega Megazone, Hyper>> (early issues), and Nintendo Magazine System.

    After the original story about Brendan Brewer I went back and read all the 'back-issues' of that guy's comic and he's actually really funny sometimes. Though he doesn't seem like he's necessarily trying to be funny all the time, but when he tries... he is.

    I give it... 7 out of 10 ;-P

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