Brief Introduction To Orc-Slaying In Orcs Must Die!

I am personally always a fan of new twists on the tower defence genre. Setting up traps on the ground and walls while you stab and shoot enemies, Orcs Must Die! balances offence and defence almost perfectly.

Here's a quick look at how you get that trapping, stabbing and shooting done.

Orcs Must Die! just released on Xbox Live Arcade and is coming to Windows PC, via Steam, on October 12.


    Played the demo, cannot wait until next week... Considering XBLA purchase... Must resist...

    Preordered this on steam the day before it came out on XBLA... dammit all to hell!

    Downloading the steam demo now, this looks pretty fun.

    I wasn't aware there was a demo out... sweet ill be playing that tonight.

    Also another TD game to look out for is Dungeon Defenders, fingers crossed its good too.

    alternatively if you cant wait (or these games aren't that good :S) I highly recommend Sanctum and Defence Grid.

    It's worth checking out Total Biscuit's Impressions video (, even if you've played the demo as it shows you a number of other traps / enemies.

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