Building A Video Game in 48 Hours Is Not Easy...

Brendan Keogh has featured in Kotaku Australia before, and we're fans. This piece on the most recent Brisbane Game Jam is a real humdinger. After spending 48 hours with the contestants themselves, he wrote an ungodly amount of words about the experience, and it's an extremely compelling piece.

We wrote our own feature about Sydney's Game Jam back in January, but this one is more a hands on experience - a look at the gruelling nature of the competition, and the agonies that come with trying to create a fully functioning video game in a 48 hour period.

Well worth reading. Parts one and two are already on the site, and part three will be posted tomorrow.

"I think they're mad": Inside a 48 hour battle to build the best video game [Ars Technica]


    I've always wanted to do this. Shame I can't code and have only moderate success in modelling (3DS MAX self taught and some courses on Maya).

    Now to read the article!

      Then be a 2D artist. There are very few 3D games made in game jams anyway.

    Done a game jam before. You feel a great sense of accomplishment, then you go home and sleep for 10 hours.

    Thanks for the plug, Mark :D

      Thanks for torturing yourself, for the sole purpose of our entertainment!

      Only read part 1 so, far... but it's an astounding piece of work. There must have been 900 hours of transcription behind it.

        Nah, just 48 hours, actually :p

        Well, that and another whole day picking out all (most) of the typos and analogies that seemed really clever at the time but really, really weren't.

        Glad you're enjoying it :)

      Now just upload the rest of them, I've still got valuable work hours to be using on non-work-related article!

      Excellent articles, by the way. Sounds like you had a very unique and impressive time.

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