Buy Your Very Own Official, 1:1 Mass Effect Assault Rifle

Good news, Mass Effect fans. You can stop building your own replica weapons based on the series, because starting today, you'll be able to buy your own from EA's online store.

This replica M8 Avenger Assault Rifle is 1:1 in scale, meaning it's exactly the same size it's designed to be in the game universe. That translates to a fake gun that's 86cm long and weighs around 9kg.

It's that heavy because it's cast in polystone (like expensive statues). The gun has also been hand-painted, and will be limited to just 500 units worldwide, which goes some of the way to explaining why it costs $US650.

Also, a word of warning if you're buying from outside the US: "Due to the nature of this item, international shipments could be confiscated by your Customs Agency and cannot be refunded. Please use caution before ordering."

So check if your country is cool with you importing fake guns. Specifically, fake space guns from the future.

M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle Replica [Mass Effect]


    I'd rather they released a kit I could build and decorate myself. All that money just to have it arrive, take it out of the box, look at it a bit, say 'Cool', put it on the mantle, then go do something else? Nah.

      I reckon it looks pretty awesome. It's a collectable - if you don't think it's worth the money to put on a shelf or have on display, that's fine; you were probably not a collectable-type person.

        It does look good, if I had infinite money I'd buy it. But I'd like to be able to enjoy the hours spent crafting it and putting my own personal touches to it that a kit would allow.

          Then go make a replica and go for the best you can; you wouldn't be the first nor last.

          Have fun :)

    Would be cool if the gun can be folded like in the game =P

    Just stick a label saying its fake try a l pull the trigger

    Well, good luck getting one here... Despite the fact it is obviously not a real weapon. We sell knives and replicas within Australia, but if you want to import either... Well, just forget about it. Bit silly.

    I'm so lucky customs amke this decision for me to prevent me from spending so much on a video game collectable!

    Total bs, you can get the gears lancer imported customs are morons they aren't stupid

    I would much rather The volpin props one made as he was asked by bioware to personally make a ME3 gun for them as well. looks better in every way.

    I don't reckon it would be let through - it would need to be painted red or similar (like the replica lancer was, as well even the Sharpshooter Move attachment).

    Awesome collectible though.

    In another 20 or 30 years, other countries won't even be on maps in the USA. That way they can enjoy their "world championship" teams.

    Looks pretty cool. But ive got my pulse rifle from HCG, i think thats enough weapon props for me.

    $650?!?!?! hahahahahahahah die in hell EA

    I actually just won one of those!!!!! :P

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