Call Of Duty: Elite Shutting Down Today. Only For A Bit.

In preparation for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launch, the beta for Call of Duty: Elite, Activision's new social network and stat-tracking service, is going offline later today.

According to an official release, Activision and Beachhead Studio are shutting down the Elite beta at 3pm EST (5am AEDT). Before MW3 and Elite's launch, the following sections have been closed: Connect, Compete and Improve.

The Career page, however, will open shortly as will the Black Ops stats.

Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Elite launch on November 8.


    Cod multiplayer should just move to a deathmatch system, in a more open area, it's not like the maps actually offer any places to hide, no matter where you are you can be flanked, whether or not that's good design is debatable, but it annoys me how it tries to cater to strategic gamers, when its not a strategic game.

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