Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Class-Defining Strike Packages

Earlier this year we learned about Modern Warfare 3's shift from killstreaks to pointstreaks. We also heard a little bit about the game's new Strike Packages. But this is the first chance many of us have had to see them in action.

For the uninitiated (You should go read our full write up.), the Strike Packages are groups of pointstreaks. Players can customise their classes with one of three Strike Packages, adding a new layer of personalisation to the game's multiplayer. The three types are Assault, Support and Specialist. Each has its own list of 'streaks. Here they are:

If you like "big body counts, the Assault package is for you. With Assault, you can call in UAVs and care package drops, naturally, but this is also where the big guns live: assault helicopters, AC130, Predator missiles, mortar strikes, Juggernaut suits. Assault brings the pain. Your streak count will reset every time you die, if you go for the Assault Strike Package.

Support is about "helping the team win," not just stacking your body count. Sounds nice, doesn't it? For the less aggressive team player, Support deals in 'streaks that lean more defensive. This includes the option to drop a remote gun turret, call in a hacked airdrop, deploy ballistic vests to your team, drop an EMP or, ultimately, call in an Osprey gunship that also delivers five airdrop packages (one of them hacked). With Support, your streak count will not reset upon death.

Finally, Specialist is all about perks. Become a super soldier with Specialist, which lets players stack on additional perks. You'll get up to six perks-including Sleight of Hand, Hardline, Recon, et al-as the 'streaks pile up. After your eighth kill, however, you get every perk available to you. You become a monster.


    I'm guessing with the support being "helping your team win", it'll be rarely chosen, since anyone actually interested in teamwork will be playing battlefield...

      >Battlefield and/or Call of Duty
      Pick one

        Exactly. While BF3 does seem to push for a higher reliance on your team members, a support player can still have fun with Modern Warfare - I liked it in MW2. granted, they didn't really gear the game to promote that style of play, but you still had options (emergency airdrop, riot shield, counter uav)

        What seemed a bit odd in the video was where in one breathe they almost seem to say 'With specialist, once you unlock everything, you become a superweapon' and then 'It's the most balanced MW game to date'


      Goddamn I'm sick of all the trash talk against CoD. Whenever I've played BC2 I run for miles with nothing happening and then get sniped, it completely puts me off and I have to log HOURS of gameplay to unlock any guns or ammo that I actually want to use.

      I come from an Unreal background of shooting and I love CoD's style of fast paced, infantry combat where twitch, tactics and teamwork are how to win. There are more modes than deathmatch.

      I've preordered both BF3 and MW3. I'm really hoping in BF3 that there will be good lethality and that being on foot will feel tight and fun. I don't love vehicles but I want to enjoy the game anyway.

        I found your problem! You're very bad at playing Battlefield.

          Yes, I know. But I'm good at shooters from tom Clancy games to Americas army to cod, halo, fricken whatever and I can't figure out why I'm bad at battlefield except that I think it's unfun so there's not much motivation. I loved 1942 but I don't much like BC2.

        I also come from an Unreal background and prefer CoD to BF. Both are good games, but I really like the fast paced twitch game.

        I will play BF3, I'm hoping other people who do actually know how to play as a team!

    Well it's all about how you play, I for one will be using the support class. My teammates know me as a helper.

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