Can You Handle Zangief's Tiny Red Shorts?

Say hello to Mike Fass. You might be familiar with this guy if you watched Street Fighter: The Later Years or if you attended the Mr Stonewall Bear Competition earlier this year.

The Mr Stonewall Bear Competition was to pick the top "bear" — or manly, hairy gay dude.

Fass has worked as a rock drummer, an actor, handyman, graphic artist and more, but it's his Zangief that he's best known for. That's because his Zangief is so damn awesome.

More photos in the link below.

ザンギエフ写真集 [RocketNews24]


    Must've been cold out.

    I think I've seen that guy before with a bottle of beer begging for money outside Melbourne Central...

      Hah I know JUST the guy you're talking about I reckon!!!


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