Capcom Wouldn't Be Capcom Without Akiman's Amazing Art

Japanese artist Akira Yasuda, better known by his pen name Akiman, is a legend in the video game art world, being responsible for more classic images, posters, box covers and characters than we've got space to share.

So we'll keep things brief, and just focus on some of his more memorable works.

Akiman worked at Japanese publisher Capcom for nearly 20 years, from 1985 to 2003, and in that time was responsible for everything from promotional illustration to animation to development to character design.

For an idea on just how important this guy has been, here's a selection of some of the games he's worked on:

Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III, 1942, Final Fight, Red Dead Revolver (which, if you don't know, was originally a Capcom title before Rockstar picked it up), Marvel vs Capcom, Darkstalkers and Captain Commando.


Having worked as a freelancer sicne leaving Capcom in 2003, you can see loads of Akiman's more contemporary stuff on his personal blog. Be warned, though, some of it is a little on the NSFW side.

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    I've never soon that awesome pic of Magic Sword!

    about 4 good ones and the rest so so..


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