Carrie-Anne Moss Didn’t Jack Into Silent Hill By Playing The Game

Carrie-Anne Moss Didn’t Jack Into Silent Hill By Playing The Game
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As Claudia Wolf, Carrie-Anne Moss is very much playing an evil character in the upcoming Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. It’s the big screen adaptation of the Konami game Silent Hill 3.

Moss, who won over geeks everywhere with her portrayal of Trinity in the Matrix, didn’t spend endless hours playing SH3 to find the character.

“I didn’t go in and play the game to really see,” Moss told website IFC, “because I’m not really into that so much.”

The filmmakers sent Moss a whole host of images and information for her to look at. “It was of what her image sort of looked like and what she felt like, and that was interesting,” Moss said.

What ultimately helped her find the character was Claudia’s costume–and a wig.

“It definitely was part of the conversation with the director, looking at a lot of different footage,” Moss said. “And then ultimately this crazy wig and this crazy costume helped me go, there I was!”

Moss was hired for her ability to create and portray characters. Whether or not she plays Silent Hill might not impact her performance. Then again, often when actors bring books to the silver screen they, you know, read the source material.

Moss often uses what characters wear to help her find them–and her performance. While filming the Matrix, Trinity’s leather outfit helped Moss become that character.

For Claudia, though, it wasn’t only her superficial appearance, but, according to Moss, the dialogue. “This woman was powerful and slightly insane, but a zealot who totally believed in what she was doing,” she said. “So it was pretty intense.”

Think that’s intense, try Silent Hill 3! Oh. Wait.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is slated for a 2012 release.

Carrie-Anne Moss talks “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” [IFC via Rely on Horro]


  • This interview is dangerously close to the Ian McKellan school of acting in ‘Extras’.

    “I don’t need to think about it, because when I put on the clothes… I am the character. That’s how you act.”

    • “Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian… ALLLLMIGHTYYY WIZZAARRDD! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!… Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian…”

  • It’s always frustrating for fans of a property when an actor admits to not going back to the source material for detail about a character. But unless it’s the writer’s and director’s specific intention to stay as close to the source as possible, it can be counter-productive. So often an adaptation moves in different directions than the material it’s based on – backstories can be rewritten, motivations changed, whole storylines changed or excised – and it’s the job of the screenwriter to write characters that work for the film. If the script requires an actor to read something else to figure out how best to play the character, then it’s failed.

    • but if the actor can’t see another portrayal of the character in a different interpretation of the story and then construct his or her own based on the screenplay they are given, doesn’t that say something about abilities of the actor?

  • So actors and actressess will go through bootcamp, embed themselves in various professions to get a feel for a charachter, but some won’t play a game when emulating that charachter.

    And they wonder why so many game movies flop.

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