Chainsaw Art: The Most Apropos Gears Of War Tribute Ever

All this time, I'd thought that there'd nothing more satisfying than the close-up carnage of the Gears of War franchise's signature weapon, Surely, nothing could surpass ripping a Locust or Lambent attacher to shreds with the chainsaw bayonet of the Lancer gun. But there is such a thing, friends.

This YouTube video shows artist Griffon Ramsey giving a piece of wood the business and transforming it into the Crimson Omen, which is probably what trees see before they die. With the sad-rock soundtrack, tattoos and overalls — not to mention the crafty use of fire — the whole thing makes Ramsey looks like she just stepped off of Sera. In fact, I've decided that if there's any art on the war-torn Gears planet, it's all made with chainsaws. And fire.

[Thanks Geoff!]


    Damn thats cool

    Wait, wait, it's an ad for Stihl right!? Oh, wrong article.

    That's really impressive. Chainsaws aren't exactly the easiest things to do such fine detail with.

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