Charlie Brown In Team Fortress 2 Works Surprisingly Well

This Peanuts x Team Fortress 2 image was available as a shirt on TeeFury over the weekend. But by the time I sat down to write this, it was no longer available.

Ah well. While the shirt is gone, the image (by queenmob) is not, and thanks to the wonders of the internet you can enjoy it now and forever.


    Uh, that's not TF2, that's Firefly.

      And it's crap to boot. Well done Kotaku US.

        Went to see what people's responses were on the US site and can't find the article. Looks like they realised their stuff-up and pulled it.

          Link from Google, yeah it got pulled. Lol.

    I'm no editor, but maybe go have, I don't know, a tiny bit of a look at the 'Tell us about this design' section of the shirt you linked to. You never know, you may need to remove some tags. And edit the title. And the whole post.

    No no no, we've got it all wrong. This is a deep satire on the the type of articles that people complain about. It's providing a social criticism through the use of exaggerating features typical of those articles.

    ...right? D:

    The comments on these US articles are usually more entertaining/interesting than the articles themselves.

    So this is a Firefly thing? (I am not familiar with the series (oh god don't lynch me)). It only bares a passing resemblance to TF2, 4/7 of the characters sort of look like the TF2 cast.

    Firefly, not even close to TF2 tee fury does 24 hour shirts it says right at the top of the site, isn't there someone who proof reads these articles? like an editor?...

    It took me about 30 seconds of looking at this to go.. wait a min, this isn't TF2, I recognize that cunning hat..


    Jesus, Kerplunkett. You fricking tard.

    Now this is just gorram wrong.

    I only recognise Vera and inevitable betrayal.

    The whole Kotaku US team should be fired.

    Hahahahahahahaha. Ha.

    It does have a passing similarity to TF2. Jayne's hat is available in TF2 and Kaylee is an engineer and Simon is a Medic. I suppose Mal does look kinda like a scout in the pic. But other than that... Its definately Firefly and one glance at the linked page could have confirmed that.

    Curse you're unexpected but inevitable posting of crap, Plunkett!

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