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New games are coming at us thick and fast, so why not buy a bunch of cheap games so you don’t have time to play the new releases when they come out?

PC Digital Download Amnesia: The Dark Descent - $4.99 Back to the Future: The Game - $10.00 Batman: Arkham City (pre-order) - $40.39 Dead Island 4-pack - $112.39 F.E.A.R. - $3.38 The First Templar - $7.50 Green Man Gaming 10% off code – GMG10-PERCE-NTOFF Grid - $3.74 Penumbra Collection - $5.00 Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection - $5.00

PC Retail Battlefield 3 Limited Edition (pre-order) - $59.99 Blood Bowl Legendary Edition - $24.27 Crysis 2 - $19.88 Darkspore - $35.50 F1 2011 - $27.99 Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars - $32.52 Skyrim + Cloth Map (pre-order) - $48.99 Star Wars: Empire at War Gold Edition - $12.23 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - $13.77 Total War: Shogun 2 - $22.95

Xbox 360 Call of Duty MW3 Limited Edition Wireless Controller (pre-order) - $57.99 Dark Souls Limited Edition - $59.99 Dead Island - $52.99 Forza 4 - $54.99 Fracture - $8.64 Halo: Reach - $21.36 James Bond 007 Bloodstone - $19.99 Skyrim + Cloth Map - $62.99 Split Second - $21.42

PS3 Borderlands GOTY - ~$23.20 Demons Souls - $21.99 Deus Ex Human Revolution Limited Edition - $44.99 Dungeon Siege 3 - $19.33 James Bond 007 Bloodstone - $19.99 Prince of Persia Trilogy: HD Collection - $15.23 Red Dead Redemption GOTY - $37.99 Skyrim + Cloth Map - $62.99 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - $21.42 Tekken 6 Platinum Edition - $22.95

Know any other great deals? Comment below or on Facebook, and tell us where!


    Dungeon Defenders (PC Digital) may not be on sale but at $14.99AUD it is worth every penny for its relatively unique tower-defence/3rd person RPG style gameplay hinging primarily on the 4 player online co-op.

    dude... what did i tell you to include?!?!


    I should point out that the regular edition of DE:HR is going for $30 at Ozgameshop

    I've never used Play-Asia before. Thoughts on them? Good products? Service? Delivery times?

      Would also be interested in what peoples' experience with playasia was like.

      OzGameShop has been really fast for me lately. Are other people also noticing this?

        I've only had good experiences with Ozgameshop. My games typically arrive in about 6 to 7 working days.

        Ozgameshop is excellent.

        Dungeon Crawl is horrendous for pre-orders. Slow (absolute Crawl) and bad customer service. truly truly terrible and expensive compared to other online retailers

        I just ordered Lego Star Wars III from Play-Asia - it came in under 2 weeks!

        Most of my games came in the same week as ordering them off playasia.. I hear ozgameshop can take up to two weeks!!

      Play-Asia are pretty good. I've bought probably close to sixty or seventy games through them, plus two consoles and a few books.

      Good prices usually, though on US stuff you pay a small premium and have to wait a few days, because stuff is shipped to them from the US to Hong Kong, and from HK to you. If you're after Japanese games or consoles or Asia-release stuff they are very good. For limited-release preorder stuff they're not so great because they tend to sell out their allocations very quickly and they don't mark stuff as such.

      Service-wise I've never actually had reason to talk to them directly.

      Their standard shipping takes about ten days to Australia, and they have more expensive options which are quicker.

        You can't really go wrong with ozgameshop or play-asia.

      I almost exclusively buy from ozgameshop these days, that said 2 weeks minimum on most of my deliveries, don't know why when other people seem to consistently get 5-7 days :(
      (I'm practically melb CBD too)

        I'm the same, Melbourne CBD and it takes around 2 weeks for ozgameshop games to get to me.

      I like Play-Asia. Prices are pretty average and so are delivery times, but they are reliable.

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is $10 on steam as the usual price.
    You would be better to get it from there rather than, if you dont care about the disk

    I want to buy Amnesia, but I want to install it to my Steam library. Is that possible?

    I've seen Arkam City around places like Kmart and BigW for about $69ish, $79 at Dick Smiths

    If you get Battlefield at JB you can get Rage for $39.

    Im surprised no one has mentioned Aussie Gamer. Some of their games are REALLY cheap and they are pretty reliable. I just bought Battlefield 3(PC) for $49!!

    68 Bucks BF3 big w

    Just back in stock, apparently. Going for $57.99 inc post, much cheaper than $98 at GAME and $110 at EB.

    Also available in Xbox, etc.

    Batman arkham city pc + blu-ray batman dark knight/begins for ~$40

    Ozgameshop are maybe a bit faster than other UK sites like zavvi/the hutt but usually a bit more expensive, but I've noticed my games are turning up a bit late lately, I'm still waiting on rage and ace combat I had pre-ordered.

    Yes my last game order from Ozgameshop took 18 days. I think the Quantus strikes were affecting things a bit.

      Yeah I hadn't thought of that and now customs are on strike to.

    Anyone thinking about Zavvi for BF3 in under $50? Reliable? Shipping time anyone?

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