Check Out MDK2's Sexy HD Makeover

Overhaul games lives up to its name next week when the HD version of classic PC platform shooter MDK2 is released on Check out how far Kurt Hectic and friends have come over the past decade in these exclusive before-and-after screens.

The MDK series (created by Shiny Entertainment) provided countless hours of silly shooting and gliding entertainment for me back in the late 90s and early oughts. With his amazing coil suit, complete with head-mounted sniper rifle, Kurt Hectic made an excellent reluctant hero. The floating and shooting action was unique for its day; hell, it's still pretty unique.

The BioWare-developed sequel mixed things up further with shooting-heavy sequences featuring Max, a robotic six-legged dog, and truly bizarre portions featuring the mad scientist Dr. Fluke Hawkins, armed with his object-finding skills, an atomic toaster, and the ability to transform into a monstrous version of himself.

Overhaul has done a great job of polishing up the old assets. I've played a bit of the HD version already, and it's rather faithful to the original; just prettier.

If only there were a bunch of screenshots around here somewhere to demonstrate that.


    How did I not know this was being made!?
    Ya think they'll do a HD remake of the original MDK as well?

      I really hope so, that used to be the coolest game I owned on my P1 150 lol

    FUCKK I loved MDK. I can't believe they released it on Mac as well, there were pretty much no other games out at the time and all of a sudden, this epic. Lookin' forward to it.

    Who's my puppywuppydingydoggy!??
    Happy this is getting an HD version :))))

    I played this on my Dreamcast... the first stage boss was harder than anything else in the game!

    Will the explosions still be 2D?!

    Holy cow, I had no idea this was happening. I loved that Cigar-chewing dog and his many guns :)

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