Check Out Phoenix Wright's Surreal, Multi-Tiered Fighting Style In Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

The biggest applause in the panels that Capcom held for their upcoming fighting games came for the introduction of the blue-suited hero of the Ace Attorney games. During the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 panel, special consultant and fighting game expert Seth Killian talked about how the development team tried to make the unlikely placement of the barrister into a brawling game.

They also wanted to make sure that Phoenix still felt like the hero who's earned a loyal following. I think they nailed it. Watch this video and you'll probably agree.


    My only gripe is that his level 3 hyper is about twice as long as it should be.

      What are you talking about? It's Exactly how his breakdown scenes work in Ace Attorney; first the accusation, then the proof, and then the breakdown. There's nothing wrong with it being so long, either.

      In other words; HYPER COMBO K.O.

        It kills the pace of the fight. MvC3 is a super fast game. This animation needs to be shorter.

          Only in your opinion. I think it's perfect, many other fans think it's perfect, and clearly Capcom too think it's perfect, since they made it that way and all. Want it shorter? Play MUGEN.

    This video has convinced me to buy this game.

    I think he's perfect, will define rely be maining him, sorry Dante, I think you're gone :)

    I don't think they could have possibly done a better job in designing him. I don't like any of the other 11 other new characters so if I do end up buying it, I'll effectively be paying ~$60 for one character.

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