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This is the first time ever that I've truly dreaded writing Community Kudos. Sweet mercy, you know how many nominations I received this week? Loads. That's how many. Loads.

It's actually a bit overwhelming - but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of nominations coming from (and for) less familiar names. That made me happy.

Anyway - if I don't stop rambling I'll be here all night. Time to get this juggernaut on the road.

Chuloopa - we all know what this man is capable of. He's a wordsmith of the highest calibre inspiring a bunch of other people to write their own incredible stories. People like Dr What and Blaghman took to the pen and started writing incredible stories on Talk Amongst Yourselves - just for the hell of it. I can't keep up with you guys!

Anyway - Chuloopa was actually the first to nominate this week, nominating Hugo the Barbarian for being "a true display of awesome might clad in steel and fur!" And for giving people free stuff - which seems to be a bit of a running theme this week.

Welbot was next to nom - and made no bones about it (what does that phrase even mean?)

"NO EXCUSES!" Came the cry. "Shiggy, Rocketman and Effluvium boy MUST WIN THIS WEEK."

Then we had Pixel the Ferret Viking - who wins my patented 'best and the worst handle at the exact same time for some reason award' nominated a bunch of folks. Chuloopa, Effluvium Boy and Hugo the Barbarian were all singled out.

As for ShiggyNinty - I didn't understand a single word of his email, so I'm just going to post it in full and let you guys work it out.

Yo Mark, your main man ShiggyNinty here wanting to bring you the 411 on who gets my noms this week.

NotoriousR gets one for gifting me Mirrors Edge, what a nice chap!

Dr What, Effluvium Boy and Rocketman (who can I neither confirm or deny is burning out his fuse here alone) get one, cos they're all generous and shit.

Thought I'd knock this out early otherwise I'll forget due to my SEARING BACK PAIN FROM MY TATTOO!

Thanks Mark! Love Shiggy


Awesomo power indeed.

Noob headshot gave a shout out nomination to Chuloopa - mainly because of the story linked above, but mostly because he's a funny chap, and Jamesmacusedmyhandle jumped in mid week with some noms for the newcomers and Harli. Lucifernumbers and Pixel Ferret have been posting up a storm and it's great to see a few new faces. And Harli - well you all know how great she is, you don't need me to reiterate that!

Shane nominated pretty much everyone, but singled out Strange for the highest of high praise. Which is appropriate considering the fact that she was going to lend him her copy of Dark Souls, changed her mind because she loved it so much, and then decided to just buy him a copy of the game to make up for it. What the hell guys? This community... honestly!

Dr What told me to ask Siri who should win Community Kudos. Good call.

Yeah, that didn't really work out.

Jo Con nominated Jamesmacusedmyhandle, Effluvium Boy nominated ShiggyNinty and James Mac nommed Hugo the Hungry Barbarian.

Bish went on a nomming spree, nominating loads of people, but I think this one is the most notable...

The Cracks, for running with a joke conversation we were having in TAY, and creating an online petition so that we may punch douchey teenagers in the face.

This petition actually exists. It's for real. Please sign so we can punch them in the face and steal their ice cream.

There was another set of noms for the Rocketman, ShiggyNinty, Dr What and Effluvian Boy quadrilogy, but the last nomination I received was from Puppylicks and I'd like to quote the email in full here, because it is the best.

Hey Mark, Puppylicks here!

For these delicious Friday noms I would like to send an om-nom-nom to ShiggyNinty for being a champ and gifting a bunch of us TAYbies The Binding Of Isaac on steam, that man deserves a gentle handshake and a firm pat on the bum.

Next up I would like to om-nom-nom Welbot because it's his birthday so I'm giving him a nom as a present. DON'T SPEND IT ALL AT ONCE WELBOT :D

And finally, I would like to om-nom-nom Chuloopa, because that man is batshit insane and I respect that. Plus when we hit 20 pages of TAY today a lot of it will be thanks to him (and his multiple TAY breakages). IT'S NOT A TOY CHULOOPA JEEZ high five bro.

Thats about it from me, have a great weekend and enjoy playing the BATMAN you lucky bastard :D

I lol'd verily.

As for the overall winner? I'm finding this very difficult indeed. I'm going to have to go with the Rocketman, ShiggyNinty, Dr What and Effluvian Boy quadrilogy. They received the most noms. Congrats guys!

Also - just as a final note - we've hit 4,000 comments of Talk Amongst Yourselves for the first time ever. Congratulations guys, we've come a long way. I remember when we started the record was 400. Now we're hitting 10 times that number, and it's all down to you guys.

I realise that it's quality not quantity - but this week we've had both. We have the best community on the internet and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

Have a great weekend!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above – you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    You... have Batman? Hmph. Oh, and congratulations and stuff everybody.


      He has Batman and this weekend I shall be playing "Hunt the Scotsman". Should I win, I shall play Batman.

        The it becomes a bunny hunt :)

          Duck season!

    So many words!

    Also nominations.

    Congrats to Rocketman, Shiggy, What and Flu.

    Gratz guyz! I totez meant to nomz you Shigzmeister, but I forgotz, and youz won anyhowz, zo no harm no foul.

    And no, I honestly have no idea why that has so many "z"s in it.

    Wow - congrats guys.

    Still would have liked to have seen Hugo win - he gave away like 6 damn games!

    BUT my other nom for Dr. What contributed to him winning in part, so thats a plus!!

    Awesome week, guys and gals!
    I haven't laughed so much in a single week for a while - lol :D

    Also - petition SIGNED!

      Also, thanks for all the noms guys - means a lot - you guys rock..

      A VERY special kudos to Mark to for his very own AWESOME story.

      If you haven't read it yet, go check it out - it involves Me, Steven Segal, Poop and PASTA!


        OH OH!!
        Forgot to link mark's story

      I nommed Hugo too. But it appears Mark didn't get my email. Sorry Hugs.
      I also nominated ShiggyNinty and Welbot.

    Oh god damn it tying is worse than losing:P
    Congrats guys

      It's like sharing your partner...

      I'd rather have a 7/10 girlfriend to myself, then share a 10/10 with 2 other blokes :P

        ....what the hell are you talking about?

        What if the other two guys are inadequately endowed/crap in bed and make you look like a man-god Cassanova??

          Then from her perspective what would be the benefit in going with the other guy at all? Would you really spend half your time using a 486/25 if you had a 3.2GHz Core i7 on another desk?


        Do we get to share the girl ar the same time?

        /hi5 amirite?



    My noms didn't make it, but everyone else nommed who I nommed, so it all works out. Yay for everyone! Last minute nom for Q-bo's FANTASTIC piece of art! I feel like I've missed so much this week, only been able to jump into TAY once or twice during the day. Oh wells. Weekend get!

      Q was here or am I slack in my Twitter stalking?

        I'm getting too old to keep up with you whipper snappers in TAY, been meaning to get back into it... And cheers NotR :-D

        Congrats to everyone!!!!!!! \o/
        and a 3rd Happy Bday 4 welbot!

      Yeah qbos painting is amazing!!! Seriously.

      Also congrats lads. Good effort.

    I’m going to have to go with the Rocketman, ShiggyNinty, Dr What and Effluvian Boy trilogy. I have no idea what this means. But congrats anyway guys!

    I'm guessing you didn't get my nomination email this week then. It was probably lost in the flood.

      Oh, and just to be clear, it was just Demon's Souls, not Dark Souls. I may be awesome but I'm not THAT awesome. :P

        Just to be clearer, it's Mark's confusion, not mine. I know what I'm getting :)

        Still, extra credit... may as well enjoy it!

    Congrats guys!

    Congratulations everyone! You all deserve it :D

    HOT DAMN! Most deserving winners without a doubt in my mind!

    Ross, Shiggy, Jamie & 'Flu is a ”trilogy"...?

    And the TAYbie love <3

      Scottish trilogy

      It originates from having 4 bottles of hard-spirts but having already drunk one

      It's like the Hitchhiker's books.

      "The fifth book in the increasingly erroneously named Hitchhiker's trilogy" or something like that.

        Increasingly inaccurately named trilogy :)

      If we someone else had won then we'd have a Douglas Adams style trilogy...

        If someone* Gah, this is what happens when I try and correct myself halfway through a sentence...

    ***rides in on the wave of awesomeness***
    Hoof5's for all!!!!
    ***moonwalks out***

      Sorry JM2, I only bro-hoof. Like a boss.

        Dammit!! I knew there was a proper term, saw that earlier this week and thought that was it.

        ***proffers fist***

    Congrats everybody.

    I don't know whether to feel sorry for Siri, or Mark, or both.

    Love the tags!

    As that popular Oprah meme goes:
    Oh, wait, that may be the wrong one...

    Much love, congrats and high fives to you all.

      EB EXPO WEEKEND!!! \o/

        Fuck wish I could make it to at least the first entry to the EB expo tomorrow /sigh.

        Have fun Lambo :D

    Now I feel bad for not participating in TAY this week but I have been waaay too effin busy. :(

    Yay grats to everyone!

    Congrats all and enjoy the EB expo for those who are going!

    Look, Mark, I know you have Batman and you thought you could scorn me because I'm away this weekend, but my first kudos lost in the series of tubes?!

    Wait, I sent it to Tracey. /She's to blame/.


    Look, Mark, I know you have Batman and you thought you could scorn me because I'm away this weekend, but my first kudos lost in the series of tubes?!

    Wait, I sent it to Tracey. /She's to blame/.


    ... I guess my nom never made it to your inbox Mark? Oh well


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