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Well, it's the end of the week, my desk is surrounded by kit-kat wrappers, and that can only mean one thing. It's time for Community Kudos.

I honestly don't know why loads of kit-kat wrappers surrounding my desk means it's time for Community Kudos. It just does. Also, I want more kit-kats.

This week was another beezer. Harli, Dr What and Steve-O the Deve-O put together an absolutely awesome website in order to collect all the great writing work being done by some of the regulars. I think it's totally your duty to go and check it out. God's honest truth — I've started using this to make sure I keep up with what's going on in Talk Amongst Yourselves.

Another thing of significance was Chuloopa and his insane Kotaku role playing playing game. As always that Fruit Loops consistently brings the chuckles.


Strange was totally first in with the nominations, slightly spurned by the fact that last week her nominations got trapped in my spam filter junk mail prison of doom. She nominated Fled, which is (in my humble opinion) an absolutely stellar nom. For those that frequent our now daily Remember This posts, Fled has been creating some pretty creative interpretations. Instead of trying to guess the game, he actually takes that part of the screenshot posted and build a new, totally made-up game around it.

Exhibit A: Konami Lawnmower Racing

Exhibit B: WiiPainter

Exhibit C: Drew Carey's Whose Slime Is It Anyway?

Absolutely amazing. Thanks for this nomination, because it's something incredible that's a bit buried in the comments. So glad to show them to some of you guys who might have missed them.

As you'd expect, Harli, Dr Watt and Steve-O the Deve-O received a lot of nominations for their hard work on Tales of TAY, with noms coming from Chuloopa, #35 and - hilariously - every single person involved with Tales of TAY nominating the other for helping.

Splicer got a nomination from Dire Wolf for offering him a copy of Batman: Arkham City after the whole screw up with the CE editions of Batman!

Harli also got an additional nomination, for this awesome post, from Joshy206. I too had a hearty laugh when I saw it.

Chuloopa also nominated Matthew K, for this post, which I will now quote in full...

Matthew K In a bid to do my part to relive the glory days of last week’s 4000+ pot TAY, in which I failed to contribute, I have elected to stop reading the regular news articles and simply write my own. Breaking

ACTIVISION CANCELS CALL OF DUTY FRANCHISE Amid concerns raised today that they were making too much money for too little effort, Activision today announced that they would be bringing the hugely popular Call of Duty franchise to a close.

In a press release, Robert ‘Bobby’ Kotick stated “Every year we re-release the same game with slight updates, and we sell more copies every year. We anticipate 21 million copies cold of the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 by the end of the year, and that’s a bit silly, don’t you think?”

He added: “It’s time for us to return to our roots, and put some of our ludicrous profits back into the industry.”

Many industry analysts are hoping that this bold move by the publishing giant will result in some actual innovation and creativity returning to gaming, after a long period of stagnation where the slightly-brown first-person shooter market is the only path to financial stability.

When asked to comment, Wedbush-Morgan analyst Michael Pachter was quoted as saying: “Who are you? Why are you in my house?”, but declined to elaborate further despite being tied to a chair and threatened with a pair of needlenose pliers. More on this as it develops.

We totally need to start running made up news in Kotaku. And please - no "you already do lolololol" comments please!

Chuloopa received a number of nominations from #35, Puppylicks, and Hugo the Barbarian for his role playing shenanigans, mentioned above.

Bish also made a nomination I'd like to draw particular attention to. This morning we had this controversial post, which grabbed a lot of folks' attention. After a slow start I'm glad to say that the comments went right back to their normal level of quality. I was a bit worried when we brought in the auto approve comments, but outside of a handful of small incidents, it's been a great success, so I'd like to second Bish's nomination for all the commenters involved.

We also had heaps of nominations of for Elly! Because she asked her Mum to tell Welbot her secret bulgogi recipe - she actually uploaded the explanation on YouTube!

Anyways, I think that about covers it!

I'm going to give this week's award for Community Kudos to Fled! Mainly because he's a relatively new guy to the community, and Chuloopa bloody wins everything. You've got a copy of RAGE on the way and you won a copy of EscapeVektor. STOP BEING SO FUNNY!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above – you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats Fled, we need to cash you up so you can make some of these games.
    I would play Lawnmower Racer.

    Little mistake there Mark: As you’d expect, Harli, Steve-O the Deve-O and Steve-O the Deve-O received a lot of nominations for their hard work on Tales of TAY

    One of those Deve-Os needs to be a Dr. What.

    Also didn't you recieve my nom for Splicer? It went like this: I'd also like to nominate Splicer. Because of a screw up with CE editions of Arkham City he may find himself in possession of an extra (normal) copy of the game which he has offered to give me. Even if he doesn't end up getting an extra copy I still think it was really cool of him to offer and I think he deserves a nomination for it.

    I love your work Fled.
    Always enjoy your pictures.
    Crap. My brain is borked.

    Elly's mum seems so nice. :')

      hahah hellz yeah! I'm still blown away by this epic gift!!! Thankyou so much Elly! And your mother too!! :) :)

    Congratulations fled! Very well deserved. Those pictures were awesome! 'Grats Loops on the Roleplaying, it was hilarious! And thanks to those involved in ToT! It's awesome to have all that gold in one spot.

    Sign me up for two copies of Lawnmower Racer. That's my weekend sorted!

    Elly's mum is so helpful! :D

    Congrats Fled. If I don't pathologically avoid Remember This articles 'cause they're too damn hard, I probably would've noticed your work earlier :P

    Wow, thanks so much! I thought some of the really lame ones would maybe get me banned from commenting on "remember this" at all! :D

    Gratz Fled, good to see some new faces winning it.

    Gratz Fled. I don't know who you are, but you sure maketh the funnies.

    TAY will forever be too long for me to break into now :(

    Oh and Mark - if you didn't think that a story with an enormous picture of cleavage and the word TITS in fluoro pink three inch high letters would get controversial comments on the internets, well, son, I am disappoint.

    Have a good weekend all!

      Just jump back in. I know you want to ;)

    Soooo stoked Fled got it! that's awesome!

    I LURE his pics!

    Also - i do win farrr too much.. you forgot to mention the Space Marine swag - still waiting on that too - lots of goodies for me...

    In fact so much so that i already decided on the very off chance that if i did win i'd give it to someone else. lol

    I love this place! :D

    congrats again, Fled - and another MASSIVE thanks to Steve-o, Harli and the good doctor!

    Oh man, why does my work now block Kotaku? I'm missing out on so much awesome! Congratulations Fled, I'd love a game of Lawnmower Racing!

    Well done fled! Your Remember This shenanigans are always chuckleworthy.

    Thanks for the nom Loops.

    Well deserved win for Fled though, excellent work!

    Sorry it's so late. What a quality week by all. Congrats Fled. I had not seen these images before but I like 'em. Congrats dude.

    Congrats fled!

    Now, damn, I want to play all those made up games. They look more fun that most games on the 3DS :P


    Congratulating fled on the kudos! And thanks for the nom Dire Wolf!

    Congrats Fled,had missed a couple so glad they got shown here. Also good to see so many positive new contributors.
    Great Weekend to all!!!

    congrats, Fled. Im so jealous Im missing out on all the Kotaku goodness...sob

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