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Hello, this is Mark 'SuperNerd' Serrels reporting. Right now I'm at the GAME event at Macquarie University, hiding out in a study lab stealing their internets — all in the name of bringing you this weeks Community Kudos!

First of all — an apology in advance. If I've missed any noms feel free to shout at me in the comments below and I'll try and update when this whole GAME thing is over! I'm writing this at [looks at imaginary watch]3pm, and I'm sure I'll have received some more noms in the interim. Please be patient and excuse my tardiness!

It truly feels as though, even in the last couple of weeks, this community has expanded in some significant way. I can't explain it. It's like we've levelled up or something — or gone super saiyan. Whatever it is, I'm completely loving it, with folks like Chuloopa going an entire day commenting only in Haiku, or Aidan writing incredible fantasy epics. This sort of awesome behaviour has just really cranked up a notch. There was a time when I could completely keep up with all the incredible goings on in this fine community, but it's almost grown beyond that — and it's an incredible thing to watch.

Anyways — on with the noms.

First Chuloopa. I think I've typed his name in this post more than any other person on Kotaku, but for his afore-mentioned Haiku posting skills he garnered noms from Welbot and Virus__.

Actually Virus just gave me a massive list of noms which included the following...

-Lamboman007 -Chuloopa -Rocketman -Effluvium Boy -Blaghman -Jamesmag

He didn't really say why he nominated you, so I'm just going to say it's because you're all swell human beings.

There were some other nominations — Aidan was nominated for his story by numerous folks, Choc was nominated by Zap, and Chuloopa nominated plenty of people via loads of emails sent through the week: Splicer for his story, Chazz for his mad trolling skillz...

But Chuloopa nominated one person, the person who is this weeks undisputed winner of Kudos — for the first time in recent memory. I'd estimate that 70% of the nominations that came in this week were for this esteemed human being.

I am talking, of course, about #35.

For helping Hugo the Barbarian (and Clubby) out by gifting him with a phone, #35 is this week's winner — with Chuloopa, James Mac, Hugo the Barbarian (and Clubby), GingerChris86 and many more all nominating him.

I'll leave it to Hugo himself to describe how it all went down.

Earlier this week, I asked the community for some advice on purchasing a new phone, as my current one is only slightly better then a can with a string attached.

In comes the Glorious-Man-God-King-McAwesomepants #35, who offers me a FREE iPhone 3GS.

FREE. iPhone. FREE.

Now, not only did he offer the phone, he also tracked down a docking cable for me AND got in contact with his former telco provider to unlock the phone for me.

So, free phone, replacement cable and went to the trouble of unlocking it for me as well.

This goes beyond any generous offer I have ever received.

So, this guy definitely deserves something for all the effort and free phone, so, since he hasn't accepted any offer on my part for games or money, if you can find out if there is a recent game or something he wants, I would be more than happy to get it and send it to you, for you to send to him.

Sounds convoluted, but this guy not only deserves the recognition, but also deserves a little (BIG) token of appreciation.

#35, please get in contact with us and we'll hook a brother up! Hugo — leave it to us old bean, or Tracey, who always reminds me to send stuff out!

STOP PRESS! Phew, I don't how this happened — but Strange's email went into my junk main AGAIN! (Sorry!) Just found it now. She gave Splicer and Aidan Kudos for their stories.

Also — she alerted me to this! How could I have missed this?

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    I actually forgot to include a reason LOL, mainly cause that lot have been awesome to me & are great to chat to etc. Also swell human beings was on my mind too :P

    I'm sorry, Mark... I believe I read your last part too quickly, and saw "Hook you up with Tracey."

    Does she know about this?


    Congrats to all!!
    Been a busy week and have found it a bit hard to keep up, but have checked in regularly and Mark is right. Y'all gone craaaazy. :)
    Anyone got a link for Serrelicious on TT???

    Huzzah for #35!

    Hopefully no relation to rule 35, although that is a pretty neat rule.

    Phew indeed! I was about to cry when I got to the winner and my noms hadn't been mentioned. Saved at the last second!
    Oh, and Shane, I sent my noms in yesterday morning which is why you weren't included, your stories made me giggle today, and today was a day where I really needed a giggle. You too Loops, for your amazing death scenes. Also for your epic exchange with Chazz yesterday.
    Oh yeah, I also nommed Chazz over Twitter.

    But yes, #35 is a stellar pick for Kudos, I don't why I continue to be surprised by how amazing you people are, I should be used to it by now. :)

    Have to say as my first week of getting involved it was amazing to see the community in action, Thanks for making it a good one guys :)

    Good on you #35, that's a pretty awesome thing to do. Also, kudos to Blaghs, Shane and Aidan for their stories in TAY! I'm off to Mrs. Parmas! Have a good weekend peoples!

      Oh, I forgot! I read Blagh's this morning when I was in a surreal state of pain and hunger. Sorry for forgetting, Blaghmang. It really was entertaining. *awkward squashy hug*

        Thanks Strange, always good to hear that people are enjoying my stuff.

    YAY for #35!
    I may be a little biased, but that kudos is most definetly well deserved.
    Also Sughly, that picture still leaves me rolling on the floor laughing hysterically everytime I see it.

    Woah, I saw that he gave a phone but I didnt know it was an iPhone! Phwoar! Kudos indeed! *bows*

    Also I have never nommed. I should start nomming...

    Grats #35! That's rad giving out a free phone!

    And YAY I got noms! :P

    Lol nice post Mark!

    I actually nom'd Chuloopa in haiku as well though! Twas the least I could do for his epic effort!

    Well done all!

    I still have no idea how these community kudos things work.

      People notice something cool, or nice, or generous, or helpful or something that another Kotaku community member has done, and send their nomination into Mark who then judges the best one and swags them. I didn't see what #35's reward for his/her generosity was this week, but last week's was a copy of Rage.

      Of course, it's not the point of Kudos to do nice things to possibly get free stuff.

    Nice #35, even if it is an iPhone :D

    I forgot, grats to everyone who got noms & a huge grats & what not to #35 that was a very nice gesture of you!

    Congratulations #35! A well deserved kudos indeed!

    Mark, did you happen to get my email earlier in the week? It contained a number of things, but one of these was a nom that wasn't mentioned above, leading me to believe you didn't receive it or it got spam filtered.

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