Community Review: FIFA 12

To my great and overwhelming shame, I have not played FIFA 12 yet. In fact, I don't even have a copy. I don't how this happened — I'm a huge fan of the FIFA series. It's just a matter of time, of course, but for now my sole experience with game has been with early preview versions of the game.

Personally, my favourite version of FIFA so far was FIFA 10, a more fast paced, arcade style of play that suited my needs — playing every now and then with my friends and family. FIFA 11 slowed things down, with more precise passing, and while I really enjoyed the new level of skill required, it was a bit more difficult for the casual players I usually competed against to adjust.

From what I'm hearing, FIFA 12 has pushed further in the FIFA 11 direction.

To be perfectly honest, I have a lot of respect for that decision. I've always felt it best to cater to the true fans of the game over those that play sporadically. There is a very active core contingent of FIFA players and the game should be designed around their needs. It makes for a better game, and casual players will adjust eventually.

At the moment, of course, my opinion hardly hold much weight. I'm keen to hear what you guys think?


    I picked it up on my holiday to Thailand. Played a few exhibition matches with my brother and it was a boatload of fun.

    We fall into the "casual football fan" category, and it held up just fine. Love the updated presentation too. Very spiffy.

    Played it the other night against a friend. He's nuts about FIFA and knows all the ins and outs of the complex control system. Thankfully there is a control setting for 'two button mode' which makes it more like the FIFA games of ye olden days. One button to shoot, one button to pass. Most of the other stuff is either context sensitive, or will happen automatically.

    Made it so we could play together on equal footing, which was great.

    Fifa 12. Essentially Fifa 11 with another logo and high price.

      Could not be more wrong. Whilst usually this is the case, this year it most definately is not. The impact engine is the best thing to happen to the game ever.

      You forget, they added the impact engine so your players are able to fall over each other...
      In the demo I was continually falling over my own players only to see the AI run off with the ball down field...

    The easiest way for me to sum up FIFA 12 is that it is the first game to rid me of my Pro Evolution addiction

    Although FIFA was better in the past, I still loved my PES. This year, its FIFA all the way. I put well over 500 hours into PES 11, the fact that FIFA makes me not want to touch PES 12 is rather big :)

      The big changes in FIFA usually occur on the even numbers.

      08 was the one that killed my interest in Pro Evo.

      10 was my favourite football game since ISS 64.

      12? Well, I just got my copy. Looking forward to messing about with it.

        i had a couple of housemates who would only play '08 and '10, as they found that yearly releases only seemed to incrementally improve on the last; thus a 2 year gap was sufficiently different to warrant serious play-time.

        and by serious play-time, i mean a sport they had dubbed "Drinking FIFA".
        Basic Rules: Full pint glass at the ready, generally 1/2 spirits + 1/2 mixer.
        1 Goal = defending team player 1 drink (mouthful)
        Chipped goalkeeper = defending player 3 drinks
        Any foul/Yellow Card = offending player 1 drink
        Red Card = offending player 3 drinks
        Out of play = offending player 1 drink
        Out of play consecutively = +1 drink cumulative
        Losing scoreline at half/full time = 2 drinks
        Drawing at half/full time = 1 drink
        <50% shooting accuracy at half/full time = 1 drink

        There were plenty of other rules including substituting a 'black' player with a 'white' player and vice versa; scoring with a goalkeeper; and many others, with the some asking for a finished vessel, not ideal when trying to play well (let alone win a match!).

        They took their FIFA seriously. But generally without pants, and very, very drunk.

    my brother got it, i played the defending tutorial, started a game, i sucked, i stopped playing, the end

      you can turn the advanced defending off in options.

        it wasn't the defending that made me stop, i just didn't find the game interesting xD

    I have mixed feelings about this one. It is probably the most realistic and least 'arcadey' of the FIFA titles yet, but it probably will make it less accessible to casual/new players. From a single player perspective, I find the AI to be a lot more difficult to break down (I've been playing on Legendary difficulty on FIFA 11, and now am struggling with Professional difficulty on FIFA 12). The new tactical defending takes a bit of getting use to. The impact engine is great, as well as the tighter dribbling controls. Haven't played multiplayer yet so can't comment on that side of things.

      I agree with you, but EA has added sliders this year so you can customise the AI and CPU to your liking just like in Madden etc :)

      That is one massive addition to FIFA.

        I haven't played around with the sliders yet. Will give it a go when I get home.
        I'm the guy who spends most of my time in FIFA in Career mode. So most of them time my opponent will be the CPU.

        Extra Notes: The Career mode has been revamped as well, especially the transfers. Where before you can only accept/reject a transfer, now you are able to stall. The other teams are also more likely to make an offer for your non-transfer listed players. Man City is even throwing away crazy money like in real life (sold B. Sagna to them for $20m pounds lol).

          and it has Sky Sports deadline day which for those who love their football, is awesome :)

          crazy transfers happen that day in FIFA.

          You can also be completely over ridden on transfers by the board (happened to me) and they will sell a player on you behind your back if the bids are big enough. Then the media speculate you will quit the job etc.

          It's amazing how well they have put this together.

    I've mostly been playing against other humans, offline and online.

    Gameplay: A huge improvement. When defending, you actually need some skill, you can't just hold down the Pressure button and win the ball back. In FIFA 11, it was attackers trying to play around defenders. In FIFA 12, it is defenders trying to get the ball from the attackers. The subtle changes of quick throw-ins, and drop balls for injuries really add to it. The new impact engine makes for some weird refereeing decisions, but all in all a big improvement on the previous version

    Presentation: New menus are by far and away better, the introductions to the games are better, and having 2 sets of English commentators is a nice treat.

    Haters are going to hate, but I find it staggering that people complain about the new defending after the game has been out for a week, and they can't destroy the AI on World Class yet. I haven't got it down pat, but that adds to the intensity of the games.

    So many online modes. Head-to-head seasons is fantastic, as you can avoid the people who play only as Barcelona or Manchester United very easily (although I wish there was some mention of what was up for grabs for your opponent), Ultimate Team with a web app works a treat, online friendlies, Be a Pro, there's just so much (Not to mention customisable audiio, again)

    I am going to be playing this game for a long, long time. It IS the best FIFA game to date

    Only seen my bro play it. But man that soundtrack is sweet.

    Liking the offline play immensely, the Manager interface is a real improvement. I did move back to Legacy Defending because I found the new defending seems to fundamentally change the way the CPU plays. Very negative, will run the ball into their own corner then pump it blindly up field unerringly to the feet of their striker every time. Reckon it happens less with the Legacy Defending on, but I drink a lot of coffee so who knows what I am seeing?

    The Pro Clubs server setup is very very poor though. Haven't played a single game where it did not fall out of synch (feels like lag, but without frames dropping) or where we had more than one red bar of latency. It is actually unplayable, like moving your Pro through molasses. From brief research, this is not just because we are in Australia - it's the same for everyone. It's an issue that has been around since Fifa 11 at least.

    I, like Mark, loved FIFA 10. FIFA 11 never really grew on me - yes it was more realistic, but in my opinion, less fun also.

    Why I really gave up on FIFA though, was the online. On many occasions I would score a last minute winner, only to have my opponent disconnect, thereby depriving me of my victory. I once had a 3-3 draw, each team scoring twice in extra time, before winning the penalty shoot-out 13-12... and the opponent still rage-quit!! The whole epic match took over half an hour, only to end in 'the connection to the opponent has been lost'.

    Way too many douche-bags in the online community. It's worse than COD. I will resume my FIFA playing days when EA work out a way to effectively discourage this sort of behaviour. Matches are too long to have someone quit on you. As far as I've heard, FIFA 12 hasn't done anything to remedy this situation. Please tell me otherwise.

    Great game - impact engine is awesome. Need to look into online more to figure out how to avoid people who only play as barca/brazil etc so I can actually play with a team I like and hope not to lose 10-0. Career mode is better than last year (esp transfers). Love the little touch of allowing you to trick the goalie in the arena too (almost impossible in 11). Graphical update appears to be minor but sill looks amazing. Have been off pro-evo since fifa 10 and looks like I'll never go back.


    1.The opposing single player AI still pretty much involves the player with the ball turning tail and running away from you until he runs out of pitch... Kind of funny when he runs out of play but infuriating when you're desperate to get the ball back with the clock running down.

    2. Match making could use some work too - got put against a dude playing as brazil and was down 5-0 after 2 mins and couldn't get out of my own half (every time I passed my player had 3 guys shutting him down almost immediately). I am by no means just crap either, almost all my other losses are by 1 or 2 goals but this was just plain ridiculous. That said, I tip my hat to your borderline obsessive and or compulsive fifa dedication sir, whoever you are.

    3. The subtle barcelona fanboyism of the development team. Yes they are the best team in the world, maybe in history - but puyol is not the flash!! - that dude will chase you down now matter who you skin him with!

    Lastly, anyone know what happens to your quit ratio when your connection to ea servers gets lost mid match? I constantly have drop outs (luckily only one during online play so far).

    ok Im done :)

    I got FIFA12 yesterday. Shame it was not my decision and was rather the result of some prick hacking/stealing my xbox account & spending my money on it.

    Best FIFA yet however why they removed local lounge mode is beyond me...

    The new defending system forces you to think rather than just blindly rush in like previous iterations. It makes you think about positioning, supporting team mates by holding the defensive line and weighing up the risk/reward of going in for a one on one tackle. It makes defending actually fun, and a lot more rewarding.

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