Concept Art Fit For Giant Swords And Silly Cleavage

Capcom legend Kinu Nishimura is working on upcoming 3DS side-scrolling brawler Code of Princess.

Nishimura — who might not be a household name, but should be — is responsible for so much kick-ass game art.

The concept art and sketches for Code of Princess do not disappoint and show Nishimura in true form, creating magic with line and colour.

アガツマ、3DS「CODE OF PRINCESS」 [Game Watch Impress]


    He's far more well known for his work on most of the good Final Fantasy games; FFIX, FFXII, all the FF Tactics games and the FFIII remake.

      Edit: Sorry, the artist I'm thinking of is Akira Yoshida.

      You sure that this is Nishimura's work?

    Now there's a character that needs to be cosplayed.

      by Blake Lively

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