Costume Quest At Long Last Comes To PC — Like, Right Now

Costume Quest At Long Last Comes To PC — Like, Right Now

Costume Quest last year’s children’s crusade to save Halloween by Double Fine, has been ported to PC and, in fact, is available now on Steam for $US14.99.

“We have always said that if it were up to us, we’d release our games for the PC,” Double Fine’s Tim Schafer said in a statement. “Well, now… it’s finally up to us!”

The PC version of the game also includes the add-on “Grubbins on Ice”.

The studio’s statement also quoted “that one guy who always posts on our forums” (“I’m still mad! I mean, what took them so long?”) and gave a shout-out to Double Fine’s investment partners. OK.


  • i seem to for some reason find a lot more content/$ in simple cheap ‘indie’ games lately than full hyped AAA titles… have sunk more than 9 hrs (so far) into ‘the binding of Isaac’ for a miniscule $4.50 and feel that is a far more worthwhile purchase than my last full priced game. will most definitely check costume quest as i was intrigued when it was announced for console release but was discouraged and assumed it would never see dawn on a PC platform… never have I been happier to be proven wrong 😛

  • I just wish they would set up a steam forum for the game as well as get to work patching it. So far I’ve experienced long load times, graphical tears (green, pink flashes) and low fps though thats probably my comp specs.

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