Crab Armor Announced As First Skyrim DLC!

Introducing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Crab Armor DLC! For a limited time, it could be yours!

OK, not really.

It appears that PC Gamer has poked some fun at The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's horse armour DLC, which I'm sure is remembered fondly. It was available for $US2.50 as DLC for Oblivion, much to everyone's surprise and chagrin.

But seriously, Crab Armor. Viable, or not? I say they go for it! If I want to spend a mere $US5.99 armouring up an enemy crab, then dammit, I'll protect that crab to my last. Even if it still attacks me.

Besides, when we learned last March that horse armour was still selling despite being released in April 2006, I wouldn't blame them for selling something similar! In this case though, this picture is merely in jest.


    giant enemy crab

    massive damage

      It's riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge racer.

        + like for both of these posts... lol

    How do you hit it's weak spot for massive damage when these giant enemy crabs have ARMOR?!?

    Haha, I love the boots they put on it with the space for toes. Classic. xD

    Not only is horse armor still selling, but they've gone to the effort of putting it on sale this week.

    Craaaaab peo-ple! Craaaaab peo-ple!

      when I read the headline and saw that there were comments, this is what I figured they would be.

      I was not disappointed.
      Craaaaab peo-ple! Craaaaab peo-ple!

    This guy definitely needs this armor!

      haha that was epic i almost chocked laughing!

    No, no, no! I actually WANT THIS!

    Giant crab mount ftw

    Im dissapointed - I thought you meant Armour made from Crab!

    To be fair, you can't blame the developer for putting overpriced Horse (or crab) armour online. The only ones you can really blame are the morons who continue buy it.

    That being said, does this mean you can have a Crab-Mount in Skyrim? I'd pay for that.

    I'll take 12.

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