Crafty Man Builds Mass Effect Sniper Rifle

Prop builder Zander Brandt figured the world was short on replica M-29 Incisor rifles from Mass Effect 2. So he went and made one.

The Incisor is one of the sniper rifles available in the game, and for most of it was my go-to weapon; it's the one that fires three shots at once.

Most of the gun is made from wood, meticulously carved and then sanded before being painted to achieve the metallic look. The cosplayer who commissioned the gun is going to be very happy with the end product.

Mass Effect 2 M-29 Incisor Rifle Part II. Finished! [Zander Brandt]


    Give this to both your squaddies (Garrus and Zaeed were beast with this) and they could run through on insanity almost without taking cover (except for bloody horizon and ghost ship).

      Really? I'm on my 7th ME2 playthrough (yes, I might like ME) and I've never really noticed it being that good.

        r is my class of choice. Always loved the default sniper rifle the best. The Widow anti-material rifle upgrade was alright but made the game a little boring. Always opted for a Mattock Assault Rifle which made this burst-sniper rifle a bit of a waste.


    Much better than that repainted Nerf gun.

    I wonder how much this kind of thing costs, I would love to have a Mattock to put up on my wall.

      He mentioned one of his clients found him through, so I guess that'd be the place to start looking if you want this sort of thing. There's also a much cooler step-by-step of the basic frame work construction a few posts in.

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