Crazy Christians Say Pokémon Are "Oriental Demons", Minecraft’s "Distracting"

Crazy Christians Say Pokémon Are "Oriental Demons", Minecraft’s "Distracting"

Minecraft, congratulations! You’ve officially arrived. Religious nuts are railing against you.

For years now, Pokémon‘s been a favorite target of those outside the religious mainstream.

Dorothy Spaulding from Watchmen Broadcasting, a local Christian broadcast network in Georgia, discussed the perils of Poke´mon with guest Henry Lewis. Apparently, Pokémon are “Oriental demons”, and the names of Pokémon are actually the names of real Oriental demons. Nothing quite says demonic like Jigglypuff.

There’s also something about evolution, but who believes in that crap anyway!

On the show, Minecraft was lumped in with Pokémon, with the guest saying that it’s not “cultic”, but it’s a distraction that keeps kids from doing things like reading their Bibles.

They don’t even seem to like Guitar Hero or magic wands! Stick around to hear what happened to Henry’s pecan tree.

Crazy Christians rant about Pokemon, Minecraft & Magiquest [YouTube]


  • That’s the power of the blood of Jesus?

    That sounds more “occultish” than opening doors with fake wands….

  • Great, thanks godbotherers. I now resent the fact that I’m 36 because it sounds like I should be in your dofus club…

  • You never know what the faithful are gonna’ say next. The voice of reason though, is unshakeably sound.

    Who knows? I can see Moses and Jesus (and maybe Judas) sitting down to a battle…

  • Christian extremists…get real. It’s just bloody videogames. All that you’re demonstrating to me is your improper desire to twist simple logic with “religion”. Seriously…Pokemon aren’t even real, nor will their concept of evolution “plague” people’s minds.

    Oh and why is the use of a magic wand opening doors such a big deal? Again…no logic. Oh yes you must be scared of simple logic, huh? LOGIC. HA I said it. Hopefully it would knock some sense into you. If it doesn’t, then pray to God that he can give it to you through a miracle (and yes that was sarcasm in case you were defiant to accept that fact made purely from logic)

    Finally… was the use of the term “oriental” really necessary? I feel bloody insulted the moment you mention “Oriental Demons”. Isn’t a true christian meant to be accepting of people of all races? It seems like you have just contradicted the values of Christianity.

    I’m an aithiest, but I at least know the general idea of what a proper christian should be like

    • Do you realize that this kind of people is a very loud and vocal niche group inside Christianity? Most Christians worth their salt don’t give a damn what you do with your free time nor will judge you for it. Not to mention those that actually share your interests and perhaps you’d never know they were Christians because they are not rubbing it on your face the whole time.

      By saying that you “hate them all” you place yourself squarely into their same position of generalizing and ignorant hatred.

  • Who would have imagined that kids would rather play Pokemon and Minecraft than go to church? I know, right? Mind-boggling.

  • Crazy Christians implies that not all Christians are crazy. You try sell the that story to someone, change ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ to anything else, and you will be put where? in a mental home.

  • As a Christian, nothing annoys me more than other Christians 😛 These people are such a waste of everyone’s time.

    If people in general stopped wasting energy being such judgemental cornholes then maybe we’d actually get something worthwhile accomplished as a species.

  • No doubt, Chansey is the most demonic of them all what with that pink and unnatural egg that undoubtedly houses the devil’s offspring.


  • Wait… one of the witches was stabbed so they gave them hot chocolate? I don’t think that’s a recognised treatment for stab wounds.

    • No silly, they took her into the church. That is the recognised treatment for everything. The hot chocolate was just to pass the time while they waited for the big man to do his thing

  • That makes no sense I dislike those who see the bible in that way kids are gonna be kids you don’t have to force them to read the bible that could make them resent it and hate the bible, Jesus wants us to make our own choices on the bible minecraft and Pokemon have nothing to do with it I am a Cristian at my own choice and I play Pokemon and minecraft and it’s never distracted me from being curious about the bible you should let your child become more curious and wait till they are more interested in the bible so they are more willing to learn and understand the bible I have a friend who hates God because she doesn’t realize what the bibles about she’s only told if she doesn’t do things this way or if she does this then she will go to hell anyone who acts in such a way about the bible does not understand the bible and how Jesus is trying to lead us, with these roomers it’s like people are trying to get more people to hate the bible without them ever even having a chance to see what it’s about, God wants us to spread Christianity and everyone has their own pace why must a child be forced to read their bible when they have their whole life to read it Jesus wants children and people to learn willingly not forcefully.

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