Dark Horse Comics Resurrects Obscure Heroine In First-Person Detective Game

Nowadays, comics publisher Dark Horse gets most of its buzz for its top-selling Buffy series that continue the TV show's continuity, Mike Mignola's Hellboy books and various official Star Wars works. (They also do the Mass Effect comics, too) But, about 18 years ago, the Portland company tried its hand at launching a superhero universe called Comics' Greatest World. The experiment didn't last very long and most of the print run from series like X and Barb Wire (later made into a Pamela Anderson vehicle) languishes in quarter bins all over the world.

But, in a surprise announcement, Dark Horse will be bringing back one of that universe's characters in video game form. In the Ghost comic, journalist-turned-ethereal-afterlifer Elisa Cameron trying to solve her own murder and she'll be doing the same in a new game developed by indie studio Gamers Digital. Due out as a downloadable for PC, Mac and iOS, it's being billed as a first-person mystery, where Elisa will hunt for clues as to who killed her and why.

Dark Horse properties have been adapted to video game before, as with 2008's Hellboy: The Science of Evil, but this marks the most significant effort yet for the publisher to have their properties cross over into the video game medium. Ghost will be on display at the Dark Horse Comics booth at New York Comic-Con this weekend.


    I think this is an excellent idea for a character that would work really well as a videogame :)

    Adding to the already oversaturated image finding genre from the looks of these images, well done.

    Is it seriously a hidden object game?

    Not quite how I remember the comic, with the character phasing through walls and John Woo style shooting bad guys. But I only read a couple of issues, maybe the rest of it was looking at stuff.

    Why license a sexy comic book character when you can't even see her in the game? It's not like they're paying for a whole lot of name recognition.

    Found a typo.

    Title reads: "Dark Horse Comics Resurrects Obscure Heroine In First-Person Detective Game"

    Should read: "Dark Horse Comics Resurrects Obscure Heroine As Hidden Object Game"

    It almost looks like the Empress of the Deep games: both have hidden object elements but also have traditional adventure style elements like finding puzzle solutions in other locations.

    I know I am going to be laughed out of here for saying this but the Empress of the Deep games are worth a shot.

    Somehow, the developers have made a pact with the Devil and made a hidden object game that does not suck.

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