Dark Souls Beaten In Less Than 87 Minutes!

Dark Souls Beaten In Less Than 87 Minutes!

Thanks go to VG247 for unearthing this incredible speed run of Dark Souls. For those of you currently engrossed in one of the most difficult games released this year, or any other year for that matter, this is must watch stuff. And it goes without saying – spoilers. Click on to see how it was done.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Watch Dark Souls beaten in less than an hour-and-a-half [VG247]


  • I can’t watch this because i don’t want spoilers. But i’ve seen the Demon’s Souls speedrun. It really makes you feel like less of a man when someone else takes 10 mins to do what i did in 3 days.

  • It’s hilarious when Bethesda did the speedrun of Skyrim and everyone was saying Winner: Dark Souls. Yet it looks like nope, the winner is in fact Skyrim…

    • Except that if skyrim is anything like morrowind/Oblivion. The main quest is all run from point A-B.

      Though how long it takes to finish the story is irrelevant.

      I still to this day haven’t finished oblivion. Despite having 200+ hours on the PS3 version and probably another 300 on the PC version.

      • Once I saw screenshots of the battles later in the game, I conceded that my PC was not up to scratch to run it. So I just stuck to downloading mods and mucking around.

        Ended up the same with Fallout 3. main quest get less and less interesting, so eventually gave up on it too.

  • I reckon I can do it in under 3 hours, not as spectacular as that but with a little practice, only thing would be learning the jumps in Tomb of Giants. The rest is amazing but he does get lucky a few times with the AI.

  • obviously not the first playthrough, and there are some continuity errors (ie. some NPCs are killed before they are “released”)
    Some save-quit cheatery going on and I suspect something dodgy is going on with the stamina too.

    However, this guy/girl is highly skilled and there’s no denying that.
    Pointless, like all speedruns, but impressive.

    • the saving and quitting would him reloading to retrieve an item from a body which has fallen out of reach. (its a mechanic of the game)

    • I still haven’t bought Dark Souls, but I played Demon’s Souls a lot… and I just recently started playing Vagrant Story for the first time so I’m very curious…

      In what ways does it remind you?

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