Dead Space 3 - Script Leak Uncovers Some Interesting New Details

Silconera apparently has access to a leaked script for Dead Space 3, which has uncovered some interesting details regarding some new mechanics for the as yet unannounced sequel. Beware all ye who enter, this is 'slight spoiler' territory...

According to Siliconera's 'leak', Issac has changed and has a split personality which manifests itself in the form of a "Shadow Issac which will interact with you and taunt you throughout the game.

Despite being a little disappointed with the action turn Dead Space 2 took, I like the sound of this development. Hopefully "Shadow Issac is more than a visual, story-telling gimmick and actually has some impact on how the game is played. I think there could be some pretty slick ways to integrate a "shadow" into the general mechanics.

Isaac Clarke, You’ve Changed In Dead Space 3 [Siliconera]


    Yeah that sounds pretty fucking awesome. Into madness we go!

    I liked a similar mechanic in Prince of Persia (two swords?). Hopefully it's not just a voice that insults you while you're playing, I've all ready got a kid who does that.

      I feel you, I have a fiancee and two cats.

    Thanks heaps for the spoiler warning Mark, it's great that you actually care about your readers enough to warn us.

    Unlike Kirk Hamilton who spoiled Batman Arkham City with a unwarned game breaking spoiler IN THE TITLE OF HIS ARTICLE the other day..

    Really hope you guys get rid of him soon.

    Lets hope it's a logical progression to the madness he is obviouly experiencing.

    I'm sure they'll integrate it in a clever, atmospheric way - maybe they'll play sound loud noises and lock all the doors every time it appears. It'll still be just as good the 180th time though..right? :P

    I hope it's not like Nicole in DS2, that was just annoying and simply failed to meet its full potential.

    dead space 3 will not disappoint. I mean c',mon look @ the title. I already hv goosebumps

    I love me some space that's also dead. This shadow self idea sounds like it could be cool.

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