Despite The Rubbish Shakycam, Syndicate Still Looks Great!

Anytime I post footage of a game recorded via a camera, God kills a kitten. So, believe me, I thought long and hard about whether I should even post this footage of Syndicate, captured on a hand held camera - but the people must see this, I thought. Sorry little kitteh, your sacrifice was not in vain...


    I watched this without sound, so to me it looks like the poor guy is lost and locked inside an office, after hours, with a gun.

      That info on the dropped items at the start did look slick though. Keen to see more of this.

      hahaha! i thought the same thing, also watched it with no sound!

      Good to know I'm not the only one who watches vids with no sound. At work at the moment so gotta be quiet *shhhhh* :P

    Wow, one of the most frustrating videos I've ever watched... this guy keeps walking up to the same dead ends over and over. Dude.

    Syndicate or as I like to call it

    The Skrillex Game


    Good to see some gameplay, but what was with all the flashes? And where is my Persuadertron?

    Also, to remind people what dubstep sounds like (which isn't that bad):


      Not ALL Dubstep sounds like that... But yeah, LoL :P

    Cant wait to play this, anything in the Deus Ex vein is great, and its also a Starbreeze game! Cant wait

    How about we lobby them to remove the name Syndicate from this abomination of a game. Guy falling through the floor when he is dead @ 1:30?

    Agree with lichbane that this i not Syndicate

    Awesome. Adam Jensen raping the corpse of my fondest gaming memories. Can't wait :\

    That video was shit.

    Kitty died so we could watch footage of some guy running around aimlessly for 4 minutes.

    You died in vain kitty

    so.....where is the part where

    "Syndicate looks great"?

    looks like a below average shooter to me

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