Destroyed Beauty? This Gears Of War Art Is Beautiful Beauty

There's an established, if corny description of the art of Gears of War: "destroyed beauty". I don't like typing it, I especially don't like hearing it. Beauty doesn't need to be defined like that because even the most smashed up thing in the universe can be beautiful if someone simply thinks it is.

Take the art of John Liberto, who worked on the first Gears of War and Unreal Tournament III. There's loads of things blown up, scarred and charred in his art, but it still looks pretty as a, well, picture.

In addition to Epic's big games, Liberto has also done some work on racer Split/Second and racer/shooter The Club. I've sprinkled a few of those pieces alongside the Epic works in the gallery above.

To see more of his amazing work, check out Liberto's site.

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    Gotta say that 3D modelers at epic are the best there can be, it's like I'm looking at a shoped picture of the actual 3D maps.

    Most impressive

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