Diablo III Collector's Edition Detailed

We don't have a release date, or a price, but Blizzard has unveiled its Collector's Edition for Diablo III and it contains things I totally want.

It contains...

The Game. Obviously!

This fancy Diablo Skull and USB Keystone — which includes full versions of Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

A behind the scenes documentary on Blu-ray and DVD containing interviews on the creation of Diablo III.

Some art books, which we're presuming will be awesome.

The soundtrack to the game itself...

And a whole host of exclusive in-game content.

For more details head to the official website.


    Getting mine from amazon for US$99 (and US$15 for shipping) cant wait.

      You might want to reconsider as D3 is region locked. You'll only be able to play on NA servers.

      Aus version however has choice between our local servers and NA servers.

        Nah it's okay i am one of the minority that does not play online anyway, thanks for the info though i did not know that it was region locked.

        That's not true at all...we don't get local servers.

          By 'local servers' they mean the South East Asia (SEA) servers.

          Some Aussie ISPs have ~150ms pings to there while others have even worse than to NA, so thankfully blizzard at least recognises this and gives us the choice.

          We do and have since SC2. Our 'local' servers are for the oceania region (aus, nz, southeast asia etc).


            Taken from: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/events/diablo3-announcement/index.html#auction:auction-faq

            "If I live in Australia/New Zealand/Southeast Asia, what server will I play Diablo III on?
            As with StarCraft II, players who purchase the Australia/New Zealand/Southeast Asia version of Diablo III will have their own regional servers, offering lower latency and more action during peak hours. While we encourage players to play on these servers, we recognize that many have longstanding friendships with North American players and would like to continue playing with them. Because of this, we're again giving Australia/New Zealand/ Southeast Asia gamers access to both regions' servers so they can choose where they'd prefer to play."

            That is listed under the "REGIONAL DETAILS" subheading.

            So i assume it really isn't region locked.

              As mentioned before, Aus (& NZ/SEA) copies have choice of playing on our regional servers or NA servers (technically not 100% region locked).

              All other copies including NA are restricted to their own regional servers (100% region locked).

                Some new info and clarification, looks like only auction houses will be region locked and your region is based on account region, not what copy of diablo you buy.


                So buying from amazon should be good :)

    The only thing I'd want out of this entire package is the skull and the shard USB key. The rest can go in the bin, including the game.

    Not interested in having a shitty skull sit on my desk, and I am not interested in the art. Already have Diablo 2, so the other thing that might be worth it is the soundtrack.

    Pretty awesome, especially if it will be $148. Also, that helmet would look bloody cool with a God of War box from the trilogy set.

    A bit early for a pre-order, wouldn't you say? I will wait until an actual release date is announced first...

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