Diablo III Free To World Of Warcraft Subscribers

Diablo III will be free to play for World of Warcraft subscribers, Blizzard announced at their convention.

Starting today you can go and sign up for the World of Warcraft annual pass. By making a 12-month commitment to World of Warcraft you will get Diablo III free when it launches.


    thats massive!

    I kicked the wow habit earlier in the year after half a decade and now my old dealer tries to drag me back in.


    But seriously, nursing an mmo, leaves less time for other games. You can miss a lot out there when your spare time is given to just one game.

    I intend to get d3 free... Well, I mean only after I've paid off the game via ingame AH can I say I got it for free :)

      +1 to that.
      Once I stopped playing WoW and started playing other games I was like "Man I've missed so many good games cause of WoW". Not to mention the impact it has on the rest of your life. Evil, evil game.

      I'm sorry, but there are so many delusional people thinking they're going to do this.

      Tell me, considering that it's likely over a million people will be thinking and doing the same thing; and the market will be flooded with items - how much do you actually think you'll be able to sell an item for? How long do you think you'll be playing?

      Hell, you could put 100 hours into grinding and effectively 'working' to get items you're just going to sell, or, you could just get a job and work for 6-7 hours and you'd have paid off the game... leaving you to... you know... have FUN?

        What you missed is that grinding for items is actually 'fun'

    Damn crack dealers.

    nah not signing up for 12 months. I play WoW on and off and then stop. The last two months been pretty busy and its on auto renew, so just thrown $30 bucks away already.

    yea ~$240 on wow isnt worth it to get this game for free unless your already playing obviously

    if you're a consistent raider and therefor are always going to have a subscription then this offer is pretty cool.

    I weighed it up like this. I've had a WoW sub for the last few years. I'm almost certain i'll be playing for another 12 months anyway. so i get a free game for doing something i'd be already doing anyway.

    For the record not everyone plays WoW to the detriment of all other activities.

    WoW has been Blizzard's bread and butter for some time now. While its a MMO behemoth, its clearly failing to attract new players.
    ~20 F2P and D3 for free tempts players away from alternatives and places them firmly in the WoW camp. This is a smart strategic move to extend WoW dominance.... and no I dont play WoW.

    it's likely more 150 or so for the 12 month pass, considering it's cheaper than 15per month for getting the 6 month pass anyway.

    The 12 months is a commitment, not an actual new subscription plan. As such the cost will be dependant upon which existing subscription option you are using (monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly).

    You do need to sign up to the commitment though for it to start counting the 12 months.

    You must also already have a registered wow account (prior to 18/10/2011) - so you can't go out and buy wow now for the first time to get in on the offer.

    Link to the FAQ:

    in australia, the cost of 12 months pass comes to 180-ish dollars

    i would assume the cost of D3 would be in area of 100-ish dollars

    thats a fail already blizz...

      How is that a fail..? That's $80 for a whole year of WoW.. Not exactly a fail..

        Have to agree, how is that a fail? Your basically getting 6 months of WoW for free if you pay for 6, considering the price of diablo 3 will probably be like 80 bucks itself.

    are you f***ing kidding me? i stopped playing their peice of shit game WoW after like 6 years, in preperation for diablo 3, now they want me to reactivate my account?! SCREW that. i really hope it is for people that have an account not only those who are currently paying.

    this has turned me upside down what a crock of shit! lol!

    So you will pay more in subs than the game is to buy. Hmmmmm (sarcasticly) THATS A GREAT DEAL !!! But there will be noobs that will go for it .

    Nobody is asking you to renew anything. If you already subscribe to WoW and are willing to commit to 12 months then you get a free game. If not, you go and buy D3 from a store.

    The last few commenters obviously don't understand.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaa???????? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, time for me to renew my subscription me thinks.

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