Dior Hijacks Video Games, Transforms Them Into Nail Polish

Damn. Now I don't know what to believe. Earlier today, on Twitter, I was subjected to a number of retweets of this statement, claiming that gamers are unattractive. Now I see this — an ad from Dior, trying to pimp their sexy wares using video games. So come on folks - which is it? Are games sexy or are they not?

This could be the work of some rogue advertising campaign manager, but I'm guessing that Dior's gaming ad campaign is the direct result of some kind of consumer research stating that games are in vogue amongst women...

Who knows, but regardless this vid is up there with some of the strangest things I've seen today...

Quit Playing Games? Dior Does Tetris, Pacman and More! [Bellasugar]


    "So come on folks – which is it? Are games sexy or are they not?"
    Games, or gamers?

    Also, who is Kate York and what say does she have when she's not much to look at herself?

    I first thought the tweet belonged to a user called "Katey Ork" and got very excited about what sorts of Orcish high fashion statements I might uncover. Was sorely disappointed.

    On the subject; Mark, have you questioned the Bella Sugar girls as to what they think on the matter? Does this video game advertising make them want to buy these products?

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    Some folk need to learn to read before caring what some people say.

      She's like my polar opposite!

    Hmm, did Dior /license/ those SMB sound fx?

      I'm curious about this myself

    Worst ad campaign since prices are down.

    Have a look around tumblr for Mass Effect pics, I think you'll then realize how sexy games are.

    In fact...


    In regards to the tweet, snooze...

    I wouldn't a give the time of day to some stuck-up bint who out of hand dismisses an entire artistic medium because of some outdated attitude to its connection to the manchild generation.

    And the ad? Again, snooze... I'd be slightly interested to see if it is a real ad and how it tests against its demographic, (I imagine not fantastically). But as a pure thought experiment, its not the first time fashion-y stuff has mixed with gaming, and it's far from the most interesting example.

    Meh, that is just a few people. There are many gals I know that totally dig and respect video games. Do not let the words of a few disgruntle you fellow gamerz. And yes, great response Klutar, it was only a matter of time before someone mentioned the appearance of the girl. Cmon! Who carrrressss it's one person. I dislike trashy looking girls, and maybe they hate me too, people are into different things and blah. LETS ALL JUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER LOLL.

    Also, this ad is kinda weird.. it's so long and seems quite clumsily made, though at times seems fairly professional. And the sound is good. I am confused too.

    Feels like student work. It's passably cute.

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