Does This Lady Love Final Fantasy XI More Than You?

Emiri Kato doesn't just play Final Fantasy XI, she lives there.

The voice actress has an impressive resume of anime and game titles she's worked on, but that's nothing compared to her FFXI playtime.

As pointed out on website 4Gamer, Kato has played FFXI for 557 days and 18 hours. That's 13,386 hours.

Before you say, wow, that's a lot, remember, this is a MMORPG. It's not a game. It's a lifestyle.

ヴァナ・ディール"を14日間体験できる [4Gamer via オレ的]


    I know people with that much WoW time. Sad really.

    I have 5 days and 20 hours played time on my level 85 in WOW.. Even i wonder how i could have spent those 5 days better.

    Over a period of 5 years I got over 400 days played on my WoW chars. >< I eventually quit though and got a life! :D

    Yeah! I hear you guys! People who like to play their favorite games for extended periods are complete losers with no lives

      I mean, it's completely impossible to have an awesome job like a voice actress if you play final fantasy a lot

    I quit EQ2 after 2 and a half years. On the day I quit, I'd just hit 365 days in game on my main. I had 5 max level alts too... This honestly isnt that unusual.

      So you literally spent a little under half of every single day playing EQ2?


    bot what?

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