This Video Answer Your Mass Effect 3 Co-Op Multiplayer Questions

This Video Answer Your Mass Effect 3 Co-Op Multiplayer Questions

In this very special episode of BioWare Pulse, Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson explains the game’s co-op multiplayer system just like he did on Monday, only with pictures. Who doesn’t love pictures?

In case the text was too hard for you to absorb, BioWare threw together this episode of their internet video series to explain everything there is to know (at the moment) about advancing your Mass Effect 3 war effort through online multiplayer. The point they really want to drive home here is that the multiplayer will not take-away from or enhance the single-player story in any way, shape, or fashion. Mass Effect 3 is story first, online second, period.


  • Your write up states that the multiplayer will not take-away from or enhance the single-player however in the video Hudson says “The better you do, the more you control, the better your ending will be.” That is like saying “you don’t have to complete the side quests”…of cause I want to complete the side quests. This does nothing to alleviate my concerns.

    • You can still get the “prefect” ending purely through singleplayer. Co-op just provides another option for people to do instead of, or in addition to, sidequests.

      You can also – at the moment, at least – play the co-op missions by yourself, if you’re really worried about missing any of tthe content.

      • If I can play the co-op by myself then I will have absolutely no problem with the multiplayer. My concern is that I play Mass Effect for the story and I want to experience ALL of the story. My fingers are crossed that BioWare pull this off correctly.

  • Impressed with both the co-op concepts and the slick PR efforts. They’ve anticipated people’s concerns and responded to them really well.

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

    • I think the PR is terrible – its entirely defensive, along the lines of “it won’t be as bad as you think”. If a politician ran the same line, they would lose in a landslide.

      Still – I’m not as negative about this, as long as I’m not pushed to co-op.

  • I remember when they said that planet scanning was optional as well… look how that turned out. I just hope you can access this content while offline through some split screen, cos my xbox is too far from my wireless to get a good connection. This does actually seem like a good, fun and sensible addition to the game though.

  • I had not been craving new ways to play Mass Effect.

    I gotta say, I do hate Bioware Pulse’s presentation.

    I predict Adept/Infiltrator/Double Sentinel.
    (Infiltrator will spam scope for slowmo.)

  • Gamers sure are a bunch of wankers.

    They state that it’s entirely optional, and explicitly state that you can obtain the best ending possible entirely through singleplayer – this is just an alternate method.

    So we’re given extra gameplay, the chance to play as other races, 4 player coop (which everyone puts at the top of their wish list until it gets announced), that is entirely optional – AND STILL people bitch.

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