Does Uncharted 3 Have On-The-Disc Premium DLC?

Though Uncharted 3 isn't officially on shelves until Tuesday, some have found it through independent retailers where the game already is in stock. Naturally, you get a game before its street date, you go through the online menu just to see what's available, even though Uncharted 3's online access doesn't begin until November 1.

In so doing, some have found premium skins for the game's characters, listed with a preview image. Multiplayer functionality doesn't begin until November 1. DualShockers suggests that it means the game is drawing its previews from the disc, which means when you buy these premium costumes all you're doing is unlocking content already on the disc.

As this image from Reddit shows, players can preview selections like Wetsuit Drake, Cameraman Jeff or Nepal Chloe. That said, Uncharted 3 does have a quasi-Online Pass-ish "Fortune Hunters Club", which offers some online stuff to those who buy at retail, but must be paid for if you get the game used. Maybe these skins are part of that. It still looks a little cheesy.

Uncharted 3 May Have Day One DLC Already on the Disc [DualShockers]


    What image from redit?
    Cant find the link :'(

    *Though Uncharted 3 isn’t officially on shelves until Monday.

    Fixed that for you :P

    What difference does it make? There where a dozen Pre-order bonus skins at launch for Batman - but you HAD to download them. I think the Dark Knight Returns skin was > 20MB.

    Which is better?

      precisely. I would rather download a key, then waste both time and space on stuff like this because of a pet peeve. The point is, developers hither thither and yond are doing stuff like this all the time. They do it because they don't have the luxury to wait 4 months after release to make and sell DLC. They have a new game to make and they can't afford to take time out to make DLC.

    I cant find anywhere in Aus that is going to have it on the shelves on the 1st. Everywhere is saying the 3rd??

    Can anyone confrim

    Just to pick a nit in your review:
    Used games are also baught at retail.

    And what makes premium costumes "premium" DLC, rather than just DLC?

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