Domain Registrations Confirm Assassin's Creed Movie?

Variety reported on Wednesday that Sony Pictures and Ubisoft were in talks to make an Assassin's Creed movie. Turns out Sony's already registered 16 domains for such a picture, making this seem like a done deal.

The domains were all registered on October 20, the day before the Variety story, reports domain name eye-in-the-sky Fusible.

The project will be overseen by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, an arm of the company set up to specifically ensure that film adaptations of Ubisoft games don't suck. Here's hoping that they succeed.

Assassin's Creed Movie a Done Deal, According to Sony Pictures Domains [Fusible]


    Did that Ubisoft Motion Pictures work on Prince of Persia? If they did, they're not very good at their job.

      If you think prince of Persia was bad you haven't seen Far Cry.

        ive seen both and Prince of Persian was bad but Far Cry was terrible.

    The "Vidoegame-Movie-Cycle" continues... not unlike the Sonic cycle, though on that note, Sonic Team really has got it right with Sonic Generations - its F*n awesome! I havent replayed a demo that many times in years! Sonic Team is back.

      What ever happened to AM2? They've been pretty quiet for a looong time. Shhh, Shenmue 3...

    i dont understand why people are so against game-film adaptations yes there have been plenty of bad ones in the past but have any of those movies ruined the actual games in anyway.... no they haven't so im happy for them to keep trying till they get it right then use that as a template for future films

    plus if casting and directors are chosen correctly theres a slim chance i see this movie doing badly especially with ubisoft over seeing every move

    Will we have to be connected to the internet to view the whole film?

      Of course, not, it's going to be in cinemas, not on the internet. They'll give everyone a strip and cavity search to ensure that they're not carrying cameras and give them coveralls to wear while watching the movie. Meanwhile, the clothes will be all lumped into one giant washing machine, washed and then dried using an industrial oven.

    The Unisoft Movie studio was set up earlier this year, so you can't blame Prince of Persia on them. Which to be honest I actually found to be quite entertaining.

    With AC, the story is there. However it'll be so hard to do right. Do they do it on Altaïr or Ezio? I personally think the Desmond stuff will be really hard to integrate. It can't be Matrix. Part of me actually wonders if they should ditch that angle, or really change it.

    I look forward to it though.

    Inb4 people seeing it in Cinemas and screaming that its a rip-off of The Matrix.

    Lets be realistic here for a minute... Its not a game, its a movie. I actually found Prince of Persia quite entertaining also... to be fair, and honest, people keep complaining about the storyline in POP... had that storyline been executed identically within a POP game, everyone would have been praising it.

    I do agree though the majority of the adaptations have been VERY average... they turned an adult oriented game (mortal kombat) into a film for 8 year olds. (MK: annihilation in my mind NEVER happened!)

    Oh and If you guys thought Far Cry was bad, you havent seen House of the Dead... i mean, WTF?

    Tomb raider wasnt too bad, but the sequels sucked ass... (excuse the profanity!) so hopefully they dont follow the same trend as any of the following movies:

    Super Mario Bros.
    Double Dragon
    Dead or alive

    And some decent ones...

    Resident Evil Series
    Silent Hill (absolutely no link to the game?)

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