Don’t Expect Red Dead Redemption To Ever Come Out On PC

Don’t Expect Red Dead Redemption To Ever Come Out On PC

Here is a list of Rockstar games from the past decade that have been, or about to be, released on PC:

Grand Theft Auto III

The Italian Job

State of Emergency

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Midnight Club II

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto IV



Manhunt 2

LA Noire

Max Payne 3

Not counting games made specifically (or first) for a handheld, it’s almost everything great the company has put its name to in the last 10 years, including all the Grand Theft Auto games and Rockstar’s most recent hit, LA Noire. Here is a list of Rockstar games from the past 10 years that were released on console but have not been released on PC:

Smuggler’s Run: Warzones

Midnight Club 3

The Warriors

Red Dead Revolver

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Red Dead Redemption

It’s a different list. Not only is it shorter, but there are a lot of loose ends there, games that served a niche, weren’t exactly smash hits.

Notice I’ve bolded the last entry, because it’s a kick in the balls for PC fans still holding out hope 2009’s finest game would see a belated release on the personal computer.

In a Q&A on Rockstar’s blog, a company representative yesterday wrote the following in response to a question about a PC version of Red Dead Redemption:

We hope that with the announcement that L.A. Noire is coming to PC this fall, and the knowledge that our next big game Max Payne 3 will have a PC release (plus that we’ve released both Grand Theft Auto IV and the Episodes from Liberty City for PC), we can finally put to rest any misconceptions that we’ve ‘abandoned the PC platform’.

We do know that, yes, there is just one title absent from our PC release plans — that game of course being Red Dead Redemption, and of course we’re well aware that some fans have been asking for it. All we can say is that whenever it is viable (technically, developmentally and business-wise) for us to release a game for PC (or any other particular platform) — we will and we usually do; unfortunately, that is just not the case 100% of the time for all platforms. To PC gamers, we hope that between the Grand Theft Auto titles, and the forthcoming L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3, you’ll have plenty of great Rockstar action to enjoy.

That’s about as gentle a “no, it’s never coming to PC, stop asking” as you’re going to get from somebody working in video games PR.

Asked & Answered: Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire, Red Dead and More [Rockstar]


  • Seeing most of their ports are slipshod at best and still sell like mad, I don’t see what’s stopping them making a quickl buck with a hundred thousand steam purchases of a slipshod port.

  • The lucky bastards won’t get stuck with a $100 pile of bad game.

    Why oh why isn’t the EB return policy longer than 7 days.

  • Sorry, but imo Arkham Asylum was 2009’s best game. I couldn’t get into Red Dead back when I first bought it, so I went back and tried again last weekend. It’s very, very pretty, an amazing technical achievement… but pretty much the only way to interact with that gorgeous world is to shoot things or tie them up. Stuff happens, but it never feels like there’s an actual story arc. In short, it bores me. Can anybody explain to me what I’m missing?

  • A real shame, Red Dead Redemption was on of the most incredible games I have ever played. Would love to put in on my PC, would look amazing.

  • This kind of thing amuses me. Rockstar’s actions, where they either wait a long time before releasing it on PC if at all, just beg to be pirated.

  • It’s a bit sad to see that a series that originated on PC (Max Payne) is getting a port to PC from consoles, and we’re expected to be grateful for that.

    What happened to you, Rockstar?

  • GTA4 and LA Noir suck balls. theres no doubt about it. RDR is the game that every PC gamer that are fans of rockstar want period. For fucks sake theres a fucking huge absence of westerns in any genre on any platform.
    The last free roam western that came out on the PC was GUN back in 2005. Rockstar are being fucking stupid by not releasing RDR on the PC as i know without a shadow of a doubt that RDR would actually sell on the PC where LA Noir will be a massive flop.

  • Something that all those non-PC titles (with the exception of The Warriors) seem to have in common…

    Rockstar San Diego

    I guess they don’t have the expertise to port to PC.

  • But PC gamers are the ones who will remember how awesome the first two Max Payne games actually were… So I can’t imagine that ‘Max Payne 3’ and ‘LA Noire’ are really going to go very far towards placating their feelings of rejection…

  • I own GTA IV and LC stories on PC and will also own LA Noire on PC when it comes out.
    I didn’t want this game to come out on PC, I’m not disappointed.

  • It is a shame that it not coming out, a great game that would really do well on the PC platform. I would really like some open world flavour on PC, Mafia 2 was good but was not open world enough. I recently had a go of Saints Row 3 and that looks solid, maybe that will be the go to open world game until the next GTA.

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