Double Fine's Iron Brigade Gets New Missions, Horde Mode

Double Fine's Iron Brigade is getting a new campaign and horde-mode styled game mode, the game makers tell Kotaku.

The yet to be priced or dated downloadable content for Iron Brigade, the game formerly known as Trenched, is called Rise of the Martian Bear.

Iron Brigade recently had to change its name due to a copyright claim by the makers of a Portuguese game named Trench. Man, everyone seems to be having these sorts of conflicts lately, huh?

Given the recent release of Costume Quest on Steam, it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see Iron Brigade make a similar move. But that's just me speculatin'. Regardless, it's a super-fun game, and it's great to hear we'll be getting more content.



      This isn't youtube comments. Oh wait, even they've outgrown 'firsts'.

      This is a localised gaming blog in which the most popular stretch to several dozen comments and the vast majority don't even bother. Yet it's such an achievement for you, that you have to plant a flag.

      /golf clap.

    Trenched (screw them, I'm still calling it that). In SPACE!

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