EA Exec Eases Concerns Over Rationing Of The Old Republic's Launch

Despite saying in August that copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic would be rationed at launch, no one should worry that they won't be able to find a copy of the game, a top Electronic Arts executive told investors.

"We don't feel like we're going to be leaving too much demand behind at launch," said Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels, according to MCV, "but we definitely are going to be very cautious and thoughtful about how many people we bring on and in what order."

Earlier, rumour had it that pre-orders of the MMO would be capped at 500,000, with only the first 50,000 of them guaranteed, the rest queued in a prioritised waiting list.

Gibeau said the rationing is necessary to ensure the online experience runs smoothly at launch. "We're using our beta test to inform us of what scale that we can handle," he said. "Our pre-order campaign is tailored towards how we're going to do that."

Let's hope it goes better than Battlefield 3's online services at launch.

EA downplays Old Republic shortage fears [MCV]


    Hey screw you guys, there'll be 0 copies here.

    so they are just saving their own asses at the expense of the customers?

      What makes you think this was ideal for EA at all? I'm pretty sure no-one would be happier than EA if more copies were available. Right now they're just being cautiously optimistic. Ever tried to log into WoW during a new expansion night? Or even a patch night? Try 2,000+ server queues.

        I can understand a long queue time, as frustrating as it can be I at least know what I have to deal with.

        Here is the rub of being delayed, we Aussies keep getting told things like Oz/NZ is not a big enough market to justify local servers or full time support staff but there are obviously enough of us to be worth worrying about launch numbers.. Hypocritical what?

          Damn, he's using logic somehow! Solid argument, Cindax, and a good point.

          My exact thoughts put into the words I could not form myself!

    Pre-orders are already well above that 500,000 cap (if it ever existed), so I don't think that's going to be an issue...

    They did say when I validated the preorder that the earlier it was done, the quicker we'd get access to the game (even early access).

    I can see why it's being done, to make sure the servers hold up fine, but they maybe could've handled the PR a bit better.

      "I can see why it’s being done, to make sure the servers hold up fine, but they maybe could’ve handled the PR a bit better."

      Especially when they excitedly announced a worldwide release on their website only to punch most of the world fair in the face by saying its still only the 2 territories getting it, only now europe will get it 2 DAYS EARLIER!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!

      The forum there is about half pissed off people about that little screwup

    'Its our server and we will run it how we want.
    You buy the game and pay us a sub then we may let you onto the server... when it suits us... if you live in the right country'

      It's a fine line between cynicism and stupidity.
      Unhappy customers are not likely to keep paying for a service unless they are morons.

      You won't be paying a sub until you actually have the game. What they are basically saying is they will only produce as many copies of the game as they believe they have slots to handle it on their server at any given time.

    If you can't wait for an Oz release then just import the thing and play at launch. The recent Oz/NZ beta weekend proved that the game is eminently playable on US-based servers.

      Thats what I've done too. Hopefully it'll be as smooth as the beta which was perfectly playable and far better performance wise than I anticipated.

    This is a really really bad marketing scheme. Just start with lots of servers, and slowly downgrade as the play base dwindles.

      Yes, because you know more about multi-million dollar business and marketing strategies better than a company that's been doing it for longer than people care to remember.

      While I know EA has a tarnished reputation regarding releases and I don't always agree with their marketing practices, I certainly don't claim to know better either.
      Besides, how is: "Grab a tonne of servers, more than we'll need (Which all cost money, to buy and maintain mind you) and we'll just pawn them off as the population dies because of a thinly spread player base." a good marketing strategy anyway?

        No region delay = no internet rage

        This game will be free to play within 3 months.

          Whats your basis for that assertion? Any evidence that its not going to be popular especially since it has heaps of preorders?

          Has any mmo EVER started paid and gone free within 3 months? Shit hellgate london lasted more than a year and you really think a star wars game will tank that fast, especially one thats actually story driven and GOOD?


            Nuff said.

            DCUO went F2P within a year of launch. But you're right, this won't.

        Yeah that's exactly why they've done it. They don't want to buy heaps of servers and then have to scale them back later. It's probably cheaper not to ergo they make it happen and spin the marketing to say its all about customer satisfaction.

        Still, kinda funny its a "worldwide release" in two zones. But hey, they come from the country that has the World Championships in multiple sports and only invites themselves to play.

    Poop ther will be agame shortage in Australia on Dec 20 Coz EA Being noobs and taking safe launch option.

    Hell i remeber back in new days of expansions in wow you would get queues of 3000+ people which normally would mean a wait for 3-4 hours before you could even log into the game.

    EA is doing the whole Eric Cartman "your not invited gag" from Season 5 episode 6.

    Basically EA tells everyone there wont be enough copies and you wont be able to play in X region.

    Making everyone want the game even more.

    Brilliant tactics EA... bravo

      So Red-Zoners will be Stan, and EA will rush over to remove our disguise and then have us dragged out by security?

    I was just going to play SW:ToR until GW2 comes out (rumor is saying April), but I'm still cranky about Australia getting the shaft.

    I know I could import it, but then a month or so from US launch you watch them designate an Oceanic server (located in the US, of course) and charge $40 for server transfers.

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