EA Sports Resurrects NFL Blitz

EA Sports Resurrects NFL Blitz

Midway’s classic game of over-the-top seven-on-seven football returns with online multiplayer and HD graphics this January, when EA Sports releases NFL Blitz, a downloadable game for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

While the more dedicated football fans were ploughing through primitive Madden titles (or actually going outside to play), those of us that loved football but not enough to play by the rules found solace in Midway’s NFL Blitz, a game where the ridiculously large scores we’d rack up in Madden‘s easy mode made much more sense.

Rumored since late last year, EA’s revival marks the first time the franchise has carried the NFL licence since 2003, as well as the first time it’s been presented in full HD. The new game features a selection of players from all 32 NFL teams playing in 31 different NFL stadiums. Handling commentary this time around will be former NFL Blitz announcer Tim Fitzroy, with actor Brian Haley adding a little more colour.

NFL Blitz will be packed with game modes, from versus and two-on-two online and offline multiplayer matches to the Blitz Gauntlet, a single-player mode in which players take on tiered challenges, battling NFL teams and fantasy bosses to unlock them for all game modes. Online multiplayer will be a strong focus, with players earning Blitz Bucks online that can be traded for power-ups, cheats, and players. Building an entire NFL team unlocks powerful Pro and Ultimate players that promise to be completely ridiculous in the stats department.

NFL Blitz was one of the great arcade classics of the 90s, and now we’re bringing back everything fans loved at a great price, in high-definition and as a digital download,” says Cam Weber, general manager of American Football for EA Sports. “The new NFL Blitz will preserve the competitive nature of the original game, while delivering to fans the ultimate rivalry experiences online.”

I’ve missed you, you ridiculously unrealistic football bastard.

NFL Blitz Screen: EGMNow


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