EA's Origin Used By Five Million People Every Day

EA says that 5 million people use Origin every day. Note that this isn't a measure of popularity; like Steam, it's hard to avoid a service when you practically have to use it to play certain games.


    Wow.. not even a picture..

    All the same, Origin has run on my PC since the BF3 Beta and will once the game hits next week.. I wouldn't call this 'using' it though..

    Surprisingly, Origin seems to have a new cloud save feature in beta.
    I wonder how Valve will stave off EA in the digital distribution war?

      By remind people that bans don't lock your entire account and every game you've bought? :P

        And then people remember how you can't get a refund and even if you try to they will stop access to your account if you even try and get the credit card to chargeback.

      Because when Origin is hacked and it is the next PSN crisis - people will be reminded of Valve's security functions they might decide if it is worth it or not.

        <3 Steam Guard.

          <3 EVERYTHING about steam. They fixed Offline Mode recently. My life is complete.

      what war? origin charges full retail price on old games, is forced spyware. impulse, gog etc are there only competition in terms of pricing and popularity.

      Games from multiple developers at good prices?
      A consolidated friends list without having to add people to multiple services?
      A much better track record?

    I don't really care I have to use Origin for BF3 but as with what seems like everyone, I would prefer it on Steam.

    Used? more like people who installed it during BF3 Beta and haven't been bothered to turn off Auto start Origin when Windows turns on :P


      This. I have done the same thing lol

    So those 5 million everyday came from BF3 betas eh? No big suprise there, the "article" however is a suprise, i admit like a short article to read on commute, but this is a joke, kotaku so called quality is getting worse

    Is this 5 million instances of the program running at start-up or in the background?

    How many of those intentionally "use" the program?

    Personally I haven't bothered with BF3 yet despite being excited about it and a long time Battlefield fan because installing extra services when Steam has everyone under one heading has been so convenient.

    I really want BF3 but I don't want another game/friends management system on my computer. I already hate that I have to use GFWL in addition to Steam for some games.

    No sale for me until it's on Steam no matter how good it is.

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