Easter Egg Gives Breaking Bad A Cameo In Rage

You may recall that, in late August, Rage made a strange cameo in the meth-slinging drama, in which someone plays the game with a light gun. Well, Rage has returned the favour with a Breaking Bad prop cameo of its own.

No real spoilers that I can see here, although the item in question is not impossible to find and you may stumble across it yourself. The instructions are in that video above, which also shows the light gun outtake in question.

Easter Eggs—Rage Wiki [WikiGameGuides via Joystiq]


    Oh, of course! I found that and it was killing me trying to remember where it was from.

    great easter egg from the best show on tv!

    Great easter egg!!! Season 4 finale in 24 hours people.... Apparently something happens that makes Walt completely irredeemable from this point on. Next years the FINAL Breaking bad season! Extended 16 episodes!!!

      It's been a great show. Glad to see they're going to end it, with out trying to stretch it out *cough*dexter*cough*

    Awesome show! Recommend it to anybody who likes a good drama.

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