EVE Apostates Receive A Deep Fiasco-Inspired Discount

Last week, the game's CEO prostrated himself before the mercy of the community last week; this week, EVE Online declared it is offering deep discounts to those whose subscriptions to the sci-fi MMO lapsed before or during the unpleasantness of the summer.

Those subscribers are welcomed back at promotional rates of $US5.95 per 30 days. Yes, many MMOs offer come-back-home inducements in the same price range. This one was sent in an email to EVE subscribers that noted the consumer unhappiness from the summer and promised the CCP team is refocused to developing "core gameplay" elements such as "spaceships."

EVE had a summer in which it appeared to guest star in a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon, stumbling into a deadhole with a poorly conceived game extension, then smacking itself in the face with a rake with plans to offer virtual goods. Many perceived the latter as the introduction of a pay-to-win model, which CCP spent months strenuously denying.

Returning EVE players receive discount as part of CCP apology [Massively]


    Still not enough to win me back. I don't care how cheap it is.. it's still a sinkhole until they can make the game more interesting.

      Agreed. Tried Eve, it was way too boring. Technically it's a massive world, but they achieve this by making everything exactly the same but with different place names.

        I'm assuming you did the standard missions at the start of the game, got bored in the trial and dictched it?

        Ever think to try the mass scale PVP that EVE defined?

    Just to clarify, he prostrated himself last week?

      They aren't smart enough to get it - but I see what you did there.

    “core gameplay” elements such as “spaceships.”

    Good old spaceships!

    They're wise to double down on the Killer/Achiever gameplay and give up on attracting Explorers and Socialisers, but that's really not my bag, baby. Space is sort of boring, and you can't go very far before you get killed.

    (These are Bartle types. They're broad categories of gameplay that appeals to MMO players).

    Is it bad that the word 'Prostrate' reminded me of an Oglaf comic?
    Not work safe (at least this one)

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