Eve Online Developers CCP Laying Off 120 People

Best known for the massive online game Eve Online, Icelandic company CCP has been steadily ascending its profile over the last few years, as they moved from that ambitious sci-fi virtual world to other projects like Dust 514, the in-development, PS3-exclusive shooter that ties into their MMO and new franchise World of Darkness.

But, just as they're preparing to expand the reach, the company's announced redundancies that will release 120 workers from their ranks, which represents about 20 per cent of its workforce. In a press release, CCP says that they realised that they're attempting to do too much and will be shifting to focusing more strictly on the Eve Online universe.

The press release strikes a surprisingly candid tone, and refers to the recent problems Eve users have had with CCP's management of the game. Development on World of Darkness will continue, but with a much smaller team and people will apparently be moving to bolster the work being done on Dust 514. The release also says that Eve Online expansions and Dust 514 trials will be launching later this year.

CCP Focuses on the Eve Universe [CCP Games]


    Nothing says "things are going well" better than laying of 20% of your workforce...

      yeah, they only have 480 staff left now!! They are doomed :P

      In all serious though, clearly they over extended themselves and they are looking forward. Its sad when anyone gets canned, but they still have a very large and strong workforce so I dont think they will go away very fast.

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