Exploring The Secret World's Most Mysterious Secret Society

Of the three secret societies vying for domination of the world's hidden side in Funcom's upcoming supernatural MMO The Secret World, none are quite so secret as the Dragon, orchestrating change through the stealthy generation of chaos.

While the Illuminati make a mad grab for power and the Templar strike out at the world's hidden evils with the subtlety of a charging elephant, the Seoul-based Dragon wait patiently for the right time to strike, using intelligence and subterfuge to reach their ultimate goal. Where the other societies might favour direct strikes to weaken their enemies, the Dragon would rather use deception and misinformation to get the others to weaken themselves. Why waste valuable resources when a single misplaced word or seeded secret can do the job for you?

It's Dragon week for The Secret World, with new information, assets, and other odds and ends about these shadowy manipulators appearing on the game's website each day. There's a test there that places visitors in one of the three societies, so maybe you'll find subtlety your strong point, like I did.

Don't worry, Templar and Illuminati members. We'll let you have your turn. For now, feel free to look through our gallery and admire how powerful we are.


    Yes, they do teach us the Kiss of the Dragon. ;)

    I swear this game has been in development hell since the turn of the century. I remember hearing about this game when I was in high school and that was a looonngg time ago.

      From the Wiki

      "The pre-production of the game originally known as Cabal (and The Entire World Online in the earliest concepts) started in 2002"

      Oh right. Jesus. DNF: The MMO here he come.

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