Father Of PlayStation Gets To Launch A Game On PS Vita

Father Of PlayStation Gets To Launch A Game On PS Vita

We got Nintendogs + Cats, Pilotwings Resort and a few more for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year. We got Lumines, an Ape Escape and more in 2005 for the launch of the PlayStation Portable.

The PlayStation Vita’s got… well, it’s got the return of Ken Kutaragi, people, the father of the PlayStation, an industry legend and a man who once suggested we take two jobs to buy a new PlayStation. He’s the driving force (that’s a pun) behind one of the first three games that are pegged for a US day one release.

After the PlayStation 3 had an awkward start and he began losing power at Sony, Kutaragi founded became CEO of a company called Cellius. The company, a joint effort by Sony and Namco were going to make games. Their first is Ridge Racer for the PS Vita.

Ridge Racer and two other games from Namco are now confirmed for the Vita’s North American launch on February 22 (Europe’s getting these three games, too).

The other two games promised by Namco for launch today include Touch My Katamari, which uses touch or analogue stick controls for rolling up stuff into a bigger ball that rolls up bigger stuff (not a new Katamari concept). It uses the Vita’s rear touch panel to let players squeeze the Katamari through tight spaces (a new Katamari concept).

And there’s more! There’s Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen, a game about a ninja made by Acquire.

Sony will surely announce more Vita titles for the February 22 North America, South America, Europe and Australia launches. For now, you may stare at the Japanese software launch list, all set for December in the country Ken Kutaragi calls home.

Welcome back, Ken. Maybe you can get Kaz Hirai to do a promo for you.

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