Felicia Day Goes LARPing In Dragon Age: Redemption Episode One

While the production values are fine, the acting solid, and the writing passable, the first episode of Felicia Day's Dragon Age: Redemption web series still feels like a bunch of friends spending the weekend in the woods role-playing.

Felicia can't help it. It's part of her charm that she comes across as the sort of geeky girl-next-door that you might find donning the cloak of convenient hood dropping for a weekend in the woods, 20km north of the nearest Denny's. When I see her in elf ears I'm thinking, "Oh look, it's Felicia in fake elf ears." I'm sure if I were to purchase and play Dragon Age II's Mark of the Assassin downloadable content, also making its debut today, my reaction would be, "Oh look, it's virtual Felicia Day in fake elf ears."

It's a problem any actor faces when doing the fantasy thing, only worse due to Felicia associating herself so closely with geek and gamer culture.

And how about Mr Doug Jones as Saarebas? He's a little skinny for a Qunari, but he's got the horns and the ridiculous fingernails down pat. I can't wait for episode two. Maybe he'll randomly kill another loyal friend to prove to us how evil he is again.


    "the production values are fine, the acting solid, and the writing passable"

    I disagree with every part of that statement. Except, maybe, the writing being passable.


      ^^ this x100000.

    So bad it's good [comedy].

    I just liked looking down her top.

    Quality comedy

    Roll a camera down a hill they said.

    Felicia Day is a very talented actress with great internet success.

    But this is just soooo bad. Why have they tainted my fandom of her.

      She can't act, sing or write. What exactly makes her 'talented', aside from being attainably cute and being a nerd?

    Give her a chance. Look at what she's accomplished so far. This blend of action/fantasy and drama in a serialized format is a bit of new territory for her. It just may need a little tweaking.

    I get that this is in part a marketing campaign for the DLC buy why then do certain elements feel in conflict with the game?

    Bad acting is bad acting no matter what the genre. She is cute and I'm sure very nice but she has very little range and is one-dimensional. I do applaud her success as a female in a male dominated genre but it's really not a mystery on why she has been successful.

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