Final PS Vita Box Design For Europe. Launch Apps, Too.

The PS Vita is launching on December 17 in Japan. Sony Japan already detailed the Vita's Japanese launch apps.

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment's European arm revealed the Vita's European box art (looks like Japan's!) as well as the launch apps for Europe.

Those apps are Welcome Park (PS Vita tutorial), Party (text and voice chat), PlayStation Store (shopping), Group Messaging (messaging), Photos (well, photos), Near (location-based gaming network), Trophies (track your stats), Music (dur), Friends (buddy list) and Internet Browser (surf the tubes).

The apps are the same as what Sony Japan showed available on board at launch.

However, Sony also revealed downloadable apps that will launch when the PS Vita goes on sale in Japan. Sony even included these titles in the 26 launch games for the Vita.

No word whether Japanese apps like video app Nico Nico Douga or calendar app Yuusha no Kiroku will make the jump outside of Japan. Nico Nico Douga is largely a Japan-only video service, so the chances of that getting a worldwide release are slim.

A localised version of Yuusha no Kiroku would make sense as a Western release.

PlayStation Vita Box Designs and Launch Apps [PlayStation.Blog]


    That box and menu already look out of date colour wise.

    Needs to be more like the 3DS box, which looks pretty swish.

    This just makes me think cheap Chinese Knock-off.

    It should be only available in white and with all the buttons taken away... and add a "i" to the front of the name too.

    :-P It's a PSVita guys, let's all just let it be that.

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