Finally, A Game For Girls!

Oh, those pretty little dears. Are you a lady? Then finally there's a game for you! While too many games are pretending that ladies enjoy the same things as men, like shooting, building cities or exploring alien worlds, Lady Popular properly recognises what it is that makes a true, strong, independent lady: shopping, hairstyles and having a boyfriend.

"Every girl dreams to become a smart, talented and successful woman," says the press release for Lady Popular. Not being a girl, but certainly having ambitions to be smart, talented and successful, I thought I'd take a look at the free web-based game to see what it takes for the unpenised to make it today. Which begins with the tutorial.

To get out of my parents' house and into the real world of successful ladies, I had to complete three tasks. Three tasks that would set me on the path to womanhood. I had to:

- Change my hairstyle, getting two "cool" pigtails in black. - Buy at least one thing I like from a store in the mall. - Rent my own apartment.

I'm well on my way to being good enough!

This completed, I'm given a new selection of goals to complete, in order to level up again. Perhaps these will be the ones that begin me on my path to strength and independence! They are:

- Start the Cookiegirl course. - Go to the hair stylist, pink just came into fashion… - Buy at least two more items you like from shops in the Mall.

and one other:

- You have been invited to a party with your partner. Oh no!

Oh no!? What's wrong? I click for more details.

"You don't have a boyfriend at the moment! Visit the Club and go flirting, you might meet someone hot."

Shit, I'm incomplete on so many levels! No boyfriend?! So it's straight to the enigmatically named Club.

And now I have a boyfriend! His name is Car washer, and he gives me $US50 a day.

But even with my new pink hair, $US758 headscarf and working class boyfriend, I still don't feel like I'm a proper lady. I need a job. And that's why I'm required to take the Cookiegirl course, so I can have the sort of career a lady needs. Also available for job training at this point (although not achieving my goal) is hair dressing. The Cookiegirl course will last until this time tomorrow, and now I'm a level 2 human female!

Even still, there's more to being a proper woman. For instance, the game's welcome message instantly informs me that I need to be 57KG (9 stone, 126lb).

"Remember that excessive weight loss or gain is not healthy and will make your lady unhappy, she might even get sick. So try to maintain her weight in the ideal range. For this purpose, there are various options available in the game such as sports, nutrition and so on."

Oh, and my level 2 goals?

- Join a gym. - Change my clothes in the wardrobe. - Change my hair colour and style yet again.

Astonishingly, hidden amidst this is a message regarding flirting. After requiring that I flirt in a club in order to win a boyfriend — a boyfriend who is then ranked according to his job and the amount of money he gives me every day — hovering the mouse over a tiny ? icon reveals the following text:

"Flirting is fun, but remember that love is built upon the solid foundation of trust and understanding. The frequent change of boyfriends does not lead to anything good. If your lady is a loner, she can flirt — one never knows when their soul mate will appear on the horizon. If she's involved with somebody, but he does not meet her needs, she can break up with him — then both of them will be free to look for their luck somewhere else."

So it's lovely that when I click on my boyfriend's profile picture for more details, it takes me directly to the Club to replace him, although warns me that I've currently reached my "daily limit".

Oh, and going to the gym? Well, I can't do that without getting a gym card from the market, and to do that I'm going to have to buy an appropriate outfit!

Of course all these things can be supplemented by buying "diamonds", which unsurprisingly cost real-world money. Although quite who would want to demean themselves to such a degree I'm not entirely sure. It's probably not surprising the game's press release is too embarrassed to remember to include any links to the game. But it does, however, contain this:

"The evil witch has been hiding the Ghost city for centuries and no one has succeeded in breaking the spell yet. With every passing year, and with each of the thousands of unsuccessful attempts to break the spell, the witch becomes stronger and is now more powerful than before. But! There is a way to break the Ghost city's spell and take away the witch's power — you can weaken her magic by stealing everything she has. That's right! Once all the possessions of the evil witch are in the right hands, she will lose all her magic powers and the Ghost city's hiding spell would be broken."

Yes, it's still talking about the same game.

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Republished with permission.


    Double yew tee eff...

    Is it supposed to be an ironic joke? Surely it can't be if they're charging suckers for ingame items

    Sadly, this seems to be a pretty realistic simulator of some of the girls I've met.

      Didn't read the article but if it's anything like ItGirl the facebook game that a relative of mine described, I don't want to. In other words, if it's a game about selfish, sexist, shallow - but pretty - girls then this too is just like girls I meet in real life. Kinda sad really but I guess they aren't satisfied by doing it all in real life.

    I very nearly spat out my coffee when I saw the unironically titled "Remove Clothes" button..

    This game is missing something vital: it can only be played if your computer is in the kitchen, where you belong.

    This is a bit like "Death to the juice". It makes me want to cringe rather than laugh.

    I'm sure they will be a few people who play it just to undress the model if nothing else but I can't see this working even as a joke. Eww.

    On a purely hypothetical tangent I wonder if you miss enough gym appointments and pick up "the wrong sort" at the "club" if you can create a level 80 skanky trailer park ho?

    Remove clothes?


    Someone call A Current Affair, stat!

    This article is great. RPS are great in general, really.

    I can already become famous, choose my hairstyle and get a boyfriend in Mass Effect.

    Call me back when this game lets you blow up aliens with a shotgun too.

    This is offensive to women. It's also offensive to men.
    Sadly, some girls do think like this. This game is for them. Everyone else with an ounce of self esteem and common sense will play something much more entertaining.

    Let us take a moment to weep for humanity.

    Its great to think that this is what guys think we play. The article is great, incredibly sartiric and really taking the piss. But the fact that the commenters think that alot of girls are like this? Really?
    Considering how many gamers out there are women (and playing shoot-em-up, lets destroy the aliens games) The fact that people think we want more of this steriotypical "a womans only good for making you a sammich" they are far from what the girls in this market are after. And if you are a girl who likes dressing up and pretending to go out with guys, get yourself a barbie doll

      I think what is meant is not that "Yes, girls will love games like this", but more like "I know a ton of girls who subscribe to worldviews just as twisted and disturbing as the one presented in this game"

      I could be wrong though, as I have been many times before. :-P

    i realy like it

    First of all, most of these posts are from people who know nothing about the game. I've been playing it for over 3 years now and I love it. I have to say that the description about the game is not that accurate and very opinionated. It is basically an online Barbie Doll game. There are things to do that exist in real life, and there are events, and contests, and games withing this game. The clothing offered comes from current trends and events from the real world. The dolls are never truly naked and are not detailed so imagining them as such is just wrong. Kids play this game and the dolls always have on under garmets. This game has a lot of strategy involved but it is not the typical online game. You have to have ambition and desire to succeed in it and yes there are in game purchases, but you don't feel like you are wasting money buying the diamonds because you get clothes, pets, and apt rooms. Wasting $10 to see a movie once, and buying $20 worth of treats to enjoy during the movie, now that is a huge waste of money. You leave with nothing more than a memory. Take that $30 and invest it into your favorite game, and you do get something back, maybe not monitarily but still worth it.

    BTW, your link to the game is broken. It goes to nothing.

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